Miscellanea, including free downloads.,

Beltane Vidos : those of you with any interest may wish to look here, here, here, here, or here. There's also a slight music video here featuring various of the same people. I haven't looked at them all, but I suspect that not even one is entirely worksafe. There might be slight traces of nudity . . . or there might be humungous great slabs of nudity. Watch at own risk.

Dreams. I had an odd dream a couple of nights ago that I actually remembered - and while unusual, that's not the odd bit. It involved having sex with one of my friends, which wasn't unpleasant at all (and no, I'm not telling which one), but the odd bit was that we'd sneaked into a bedroom in Buckingham Palace to do it, and had to dodge security on the way out too. Last night there was another odd one, with a collection of very odd (and possibly modified) plants, and pictures of greenhouses made from Second World War bombers, by and in lakes in the desert.

Gigantor! Yes, we're having a Gigantor on Friday. Apart from being on a different day of the week, it's the same deal as before - cheap entry (but bring photo ID if you're not fortunate enough to be a student) and it runs until three. Please feel welcome to make requests, including in advance if you'd like us to make extra efforts to have your favourite records with us.

The Crimea have a new album out, and it's available to download for free in its entirety from their website. I think it's rather good, and the price is certainly very attractive. It is or will be available in more concrete incarnations soon. They're apparently playing a free acoustic set on Primrose Hill on Saturday (see the website for further details), and for those of us who aren't in Softsouthernunderbellyshire, they'll be doing the same at the feet of the Angel of the North on Sunday at 4. Anyone tempted?

Shellac are playing London next week. I can't make it, but you all should. Koko, Thursday the 17th. Apparently,,, and are or were worth trying for tickets. Thanks to Fiona for the alert . . .I really wish I could be there. Never mind, the new album's out in a few weeks.

There was a program on last night about Gilbert and George, and I enjoyed it hugely. There was loads about their weird house/studio and what sorts of things they've been up to. A very early drawing that they sent to an exhibition in thier place - they couldn't afford to go - bore the legend "All my life I've given you nothing, and still you ask for more", which amused me greatly. So did their ramblings about the turds in some of their work, and how they came to include them. When we exhibited them in London, a journalist asked us where we got the shits from. We were so surprised we said "Harrods".

Anyway, if you'd like to download a Gilbert and George piece to print out, it's here, but only for the next day or so.

My work this week has involved looking at a couple of upcoming bills - the Human Tissues and Embryos Bill and the Climate Change Bill, as you ask. There are a couple of consultations relevant to them still ongoing, if any of you are interested. I think some of you will, as you're all intelligent and well-informed people. The draft Climate Change Bill consultation is here and runs until the 12th of June, and the HFEA's consultation exercise on whether to allow research using hybrid embryos is here, and runs until the 20th of July.

I can also recommend the new Screaming Banshee Aircrew album. I've listened to it a few times since the weekend and it's very good.
The G&G programme was really rather good, yes.

My only regret was that they didn't have my favourite G&G anecdote. When Milton Keynes decided that they'd had enough of being the butt of everyone's jokes, they built themselves a art gallery (in the 'theatre quarter', I kid you not). The opening exhibition was a G&G exhibition, which is fairly bold for a provincial gallery at the best of times.

A citizen of Milton Keynes, keen to impress her primary school-aged children with notions of culture, took them to see the G&G, and was rather disgusted. Disgusted enough, in fact, to phone the police and complain about the obscene materials on view to all, even children. To their credit, the police rolled up to the gallery, looked at the exhbition and dismissed the complaint out of hand, on the grounds that it was Art and therefore not obscene.