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Even apart from the concerts, it's been an interesting week, a;though not a brilliant one for everybody. Neon last Sunday with Mark and Lauren, a train to London on Monday, a work course on the various administrative sections (libraries, door security, and so on), what they can do for us and for people in general, who to talk to, and so on. I have pages and pages of notes, which I'm supposed to type up for the benefit of orkers. Back to Ayrshire on Thursday, which actually meant pounding the pavements of the deprived and brutal lower east side of Millport. In the blazing sunshine and gentle sea breeze. Oh, the humanity!

I hadn't been on Great Cumbrae in twenty years, and it's quite delightful. Lots of little tenements, of course - closes and deucharies everywhere (whatever a deuchary might be).

It seems to have been more honestly brutal back here, though. Monday is, of course, Beltane and two of our torchbearers have been attacked in the last few days. One was beaten up on the Meadows on (I think) Thursday and had his jaw broken (hors de combat, of course). The other, also nearby, was stabbed a little on Friday, but he seems to be maintaining that it's only a flesh wound and is soldiering on. You're a better man than I am, &c.
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Re: attacked torchbearers!
Just coincidence, yes. The night itself went just fine. Quieter than last year, and it had (for me, anyway) a relaxed and mellow feel, to the extent that such an event can.
Re: attacked torchbearers!
I've enjoyed viewing the pics on the Beltane Soc website. and yes, it does seem the clearest and easiest I've ever been able to see what is happening. I'm actually starting to understand what they are trying to achieve now... instead of just enjoying the vibe and feeling the chill :)
A Deuchary is where a Deuchar lives. And, as we all know, they make very fine IPA. So it's clearly got something going for it.