Loosely based on an email braindump that was too good to waste.

> How was your Easter, then?

Okay. Busy. Bluearsed fly territory for much of it. Thursday was a band, I think - Isa and the Dirty Tongues, playing at Goulash^H^Hg Beat, as recommended by someone who didn't (as far as I can tell) turn up, but who has good taste in bands. And they're coming back in a couple of months, too.

Friday . . . fiddled with computers (delivered a day early by the heroic workers of the Royal Mail) and mp3 players. Got a mystery text on the landline (not read out by Tom Baker, unfortunately) setting up a meeting in a local gay bar. Was not at all puzzled by this . . . honest. I would have ignored it as an obvious wrong number except that it is actually frequented by various friends of at least two different crowds. I phoned one and he said that he'd be going past there anyway so we should meet for a pint and investigate. The other crowd turned up en masse a couple of minutes later, so I got to see my ex-flatmates April and Jon, and various other people. All worked out fine.

Saturday. Got paper. Went over to a bomb shelter under a nice New Town building to make torchballs. Home, pick up Ed's keys, pick up Ed's mail, pick up Charlotte to go and see Ed, see Ed, have pasta and mushrooms at Charlotte's, watch episode of House (very good), go home, go out to Absynth to have a drink and a chat with people - notably about confocal microscopy and the finer points of fluorescence and luminescence. Stagger home and go to bed.

Sunday. Finished Saturday's paper. Went for a cup of tea with my folks (visiting Edinburgh, as they often do of a weekend), then up Calton Hill for a practice, back to the flat for dinner then had various people round (sadly not including Incy) for Clerks and Clerks2, then off to Neon for a drink with a few people, mostly but not entirely different ones.

Monday - tidied up some more, went to shop to fail to buy record, fail to sign Mark's passport photos due to current lack of valid passport myself. Fail to phone Dave about seeing him in Newcastle.

A shame about this judgement, but I can't honestly see what else was to be done. On a different page, the BBC quote a medical ethicist saying that her ex not wanting the embryos used stems from an odd obsession people have with the genetic content of such things. I wonder if they're missing something out, because of course without such an obsession Evans wouldn't care whether the embryos were related to her either.

I was meaning to mention these before news of them had spread as far as New Zealand, but I failed. I've been driving past them for a couple of weeks, and they're a nice touch. I'm not sure about sheep on the mounds, actually, because they'll end up covered in sheeptracks rather than smooth, but I expect the owners don't want to pay to have them humanly mown.
Pesky BBC news website...

Personally, I was much more amused and interested by this over Easter. Shame I only got to see John's fine photo tho. I really should have got out of bed earlier that day.