Sadly, I didn't take notes. It was a link to some website rather than any aprticular model, if that helps.

Nobody cares about the Only Ones, then. Fair enough.
I do so! I just don't have LJ at work.

Sadly, I won't be in Scotland until about the 10th and will probably be in a deep coma on the 2nd (my course finishes on the first).
Where'd you find that? I can only find dates for London, Manchester and Wolverhampton, and even Bristol Ticket Shop don't seem to know about it.
I did google, and still didn't find it. It would appear there are no limits to how much I suck.

i am not goign to ask the topics of emails you get .... I so do not wnat to know
Hey, I got that advert in my gmail accompaniments too. Lurid pink plastic with what looks like glittery bits : ) Makes a change from the advert for the 'Republic of Leith' t shirts..
What? With Peter Perrett? I last saw them on the Even Serpents Shine tour at The Astoria Abbeyhill.
The estimable Mr P, indeed. I saw him with his short-lived mid-nineties band, The One, at the Venue, and they were excellent.