Accept your mind and your body lives.

One rumour circulating is that Gordon's going to make damn sure that the new upper chamber is entirely elected, because it's the only way he can avoid making Tony a Lord.

What a lovely day it's been.

So what are people doing over the next couple of evenings? Anything exciting?
They didn't do Almost Gotten Over You when i saw them recently, which was a shame. Good show, though. Their recent single sounds a bit like the Jesus and Mary Chain - and as the Marychain are allegedly reforming (all two of them) that may be a bit pointless. It is a very nice sound, though. Must check if the new album's out.
Probably, yes. It should be She's Almost Gotten Over You, but I do at least remember that that's not quite it. I can never remember how it differs from that, though.
No, it's not that because peerages themselves aren't going to be abolished, just the right of (life) peers to an automatic seat in the upper house. Blair will still get his gong, unless he gets his comeuppance first.

Well you did ask... unusually busy for me actually.
Tomorrow I leave Rotovegas and drive up to AKL (North Shore thereof) to stay at my Scottish pals hoose for a few days. AK07 festival is starting and hope to go over to see Group F do fireworks etc (the nearest we get to Ed Fest fireworks I guess!).

A kiwi folky Cape Breton fiddler friend of mine is holding a 'Little Fest' in her backgarden from 1pm - 6pm (yeah right!). So I've been invited and there will be performing and jamming and 'Teaboys' apparently.

Sunday evening late my host flies back in from business in Oz, so I'll get to see her on Monday.

Perhaps pop up the hill to the Devonport Folk Club. Cos they've got a club/singers night on. Feel I should contribute cos I haven't been up there for over a year.

Drive 2 hrs further north and visit a folky morris-playing potter who is holding an Irish session at his place that night. Then afterwards continue my drive home (about another hour) to my own place and my forgotten bed.

I'm there 2 days basically to pack and pick up my tent and ticket before heading off south to WOMAD in Taranaki. Via another stopover in Devonport to pickup C who is coming along too. It'll be my first time at WOMAD in Taranaki.

Not anything exciting but it'd be GREAT to see you!

What are you up to tonight?
You're in London, right?

Why dont' we meet up for drinks? I'm closer to you now, anyways, as I'm staying in Victoria.
Cool - if you want, we could meet at Victoria Coach Station (Entrance) and there's a crappy yet decent enough pub near there that might suffice?
I've been visiting the National Gas Turbine Establishment in Pyestock, Hampshire.

Apparently it's where the Concorde engines were built and tested... certainly they specialised in jet engine technology. Whittle, I think, pioneered the facility's construction. Massive pipes weave throughout the site, big enough to walk in, converging in a huge building, the "Air House" which is basically a vast warehouse with 12 compressors, each as tall as a two-storey house, inside. The air from these was used to "safely" test the tolerances of engine components I understand.. can't have been that safe considering the huge numbers of carbon dioxide firefighting systems all over the complex. QuinetQ set up there too in early 2000 I think. Don't know what they were doing though.

As soon as I have pictures, I'll let you know, I reckon you'll like it.
Well, I was going to see if I could entice you over for a beer while I'm childwrangling tonight, but I had't got around to phoning you yet. Tomorrow I think there might be some club or other on....
Sadly I won't be back from Wetwick until tomorrow. Otherwise that would sound like a great notion.
I'll be over in Ayrshire most of next week. During the week, anyway - I may manage a night or two back, but I'll be away from Monday to Friday.