All Tomorrow's Parties have apparently arranged for the House of Love to perform their first album in Camden in September. And some Yankee outfit called Sonic Youth are going to do Daydream Nation in August. Why do you people never tell me about these things?

And . . . and . . . I thought you loved me. Why has nobody mentioned that their April festival in the Minehead holiday camp is going to involve the first performance in about 25 years by The Only Ones? Don't you think I want to know this stuff?
I didn't know about any of that either. Got any links?

The ATP festival this April is the most tempting it's ever been - but I'm already booked to go to Whitby. Still not sure I can face the thought of three days in a holiday camp anyway.
Hey, I liked to the web site the other day but I didn't see The Only Ones on the lineup list. I almost certainly can't go, so have to admit to not looking that closely!

Not that I can plan as far as September, but in theory would very much like to see House of Love.
The crucial three words weren't necessarily there a couple of days ago.
Because my only criterion for your music taste is "if I've never seen this band mentioned in mainstream media, zotz probably likes them", which is perhaps a little too broad :)
Possibly a little too wide, yes. Thanks for the thought, though.

Now, if only Hugo Largo would give it another go . . .
Aw, man, I *still* can't afford either the leave or the actual money for the Minehead ATP, & now I want to go even more :-(

I shall console myself with Glade, & hopefully Glastonbury.
I'm going to join in the footstamping and pouting because I only found out about The Damage Manual today, and that's only because they invited me to their myspaz.
In case this one's passed you by too, TDM are Geordie from Killing Joke, Jah Wobble, Martin Atkins, Chris Connely from RevCo and Steven Seibold from Hate Dept.