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We won the pub quiz again last night. I think that makes it twice in three weeks. Must be getting easier. I also installed postgres so that Amarok could use it instead of SQLite. This seemed like a worthwhile use of time at the time. To be fair, SQLite was up the spout at the time, so it did actually solve a problem, although possibly at the expense of going the long way round. Such was yesterday. Phil had people round for poker, so I was going to come back and see them when the quiz finished, but I had to stay to help drink the prize, and my brother arrived and . . . well, obviously I didn't want to stay until closing, but it seemed necessary.

Were any of you in the Dev on Thursday, at perhaps a quarter past ten? I drove past, but I didn't recognise any faces so I didn't stop.

I played with the Saunderses' anglegrinder, as well. Lots of fun, but potentially a good way to lose body parts. I was lucky, though, I think - I haven't noticed any more missing than before. None of the people walking past on the pavement batted an eyelid, which given the noise, burning smell and flying sparks surprised me a little.

In musical news, it seems Andrew W was entirely correct when he suggested that The Jam might well reform without Paul Weller. What a strange world we live in. Still, having greatly enjoyed seeing Buckler do Jam songs with The Gift, I could probably be persuaded. 7th May, Liquid Room, and elsewhere at around the same time. Unless you live in London.

I should probably get tickets for Hersh and Camera Obscura, too. I see Jason's playing soon too - fancy it, Lara? There was a scary article in the Observer about the final Stooges tour before their breakup - I hadn't realised the extent to which it was all fucked. And apparently their new album was recorded by exactly who you'd expect. Which is nice.

What Next is tonight, of course. Starts at eleven. Perhaps I'll see some of you there. We may even be having a Gigantor soon, too.
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Metallic KO is one of the most awesome rock and roll recordings ever made. Totally fucked in parts though.
Re: Stooges...
It's a very very long time since I've heard it. I borrowed a copy in the late eighties. I remember liking it a lot, but not much more.
Re: Stooges...
Ah there was a reissue a couple of years ago with both the 73 and 74 Detroit shows on it. The sound is cleaned up enough you can hear the bottles breaking on the stage as Iggy taunts the crowd ''hey guys you can throw anything, you can even throw your cocks on stage, your girlfriends still gonna love me!"
Sigh, I miss the pub quiz.
It would have been fantastic in the upper hall with all the Alistair Grey paintings.
Well, yes. Must go back there sometime - I believe he's still working on them.