Free Hugs

There's a guy by the Tron Kirk with a big sign saying "Free hugs". While I was walking past, someone took him up on the offer. They had a big hug, shook hands, and the other man walked off.
I'm not walking all the way back into town for that. If I give the cat some biscuits, he'll give me one right here in the kitchen.

A hug, that is. Ahem.
It's free, though. I don't see how it would work commercially - unless they're just building up market share and will start charging just before their IPO once they've created demand?
apparently london has a kissing booth today

did once find a hug for sale on eBay..a real hug to be delivered in person
there were a coupla guys on princes street last weekend offering the same service - not australian by the accent...
Looks like
the guy who was doing the same thing in Market Square, Cambridge a few weeks ago, maybe it's a world tour.
Re: Looks like
or a hug scam where you pretend to give away free hugs but you end up being given free hugs instead.
Aww. That's a lovely idea but I'd hesitate to do it in most areas of London.

Or in the States, someone would probably slap the poor guy with a sexual harrassment suit.
Someone was doing that in Dundas Square (downtown TO) a while back, too.::googles:: In fact, there seem to have been a few such events, this being the latest.
Since we're hug-spotting, this has been going on in Washington square park in NYC for quite a while.
Free Hugs?

They were giving out free condoms on the snow covered streets of New York this lunch time.
Ah, those sex-crazed Yanks? What would you do with them? Apart from bonk them rigid, obviously.

I hope they were planning on people taking them home before using them. You could get frostbite in awkward places.
Yeah this sort of thing turns up on the TV news occasionally (quiet day no doubt). And wasn't there a song with video or a film about someone doing this some years ago? Yeah, must be a franchise now ;) I'll wait for the rural tour.... no actually, I'll just go visit a friend...