Neubauten, Glasgow, April 25th.

Clear your calendars. You're all coming.

Other dates:

April 22nd, Hannover (Capitol)
April 24th, London (Koko)
April 25th, Glasgow (Triptych Festival)
April 26th, Notthingham (Rock City)
April 28th, Minehead (All Tomorrrow's Parties)

These are off the mailing list - the Triptych website doesn't mention any names yet for this year's bash. It's also mentioned on their website - I'm not just making it up.
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I may be able to come (with it being a Wednesday and me having to get time off from my work placement the following day), if and only if someone in Scotland can loan me a corner in which to sleep afterwards (the last trains back from Glasgow and Edinburgh being at 20:00 and 21:00 respectively).
Well, do you want to go? I can certainly lend you a couch afterwards.
Dost thou have a start time for this event? I will need one in order to book my train.
Not yet, no. The festival (Triptych) haven't officially announced the program yet.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're off to the Lodnod one as I'm nominally 'working' for the GLA gig.
And Minehead?!
Probably in a holiday camp.

You not familiar with All Tomorrow's Parties?
Ah - past lineups look good. Not sure I could bring myself to hang around a Butlins camp on any pretence.