Trip Doon Sooth a couple of weeks back.

Monday - train down to London. Uneventful. Got to Kate's, then went over to her work. She didn't finish until after eleven. It's like a rabbit warren there, you know. [NB - please interpret that in a decent way. I'm only referring to the physical layout of the building at this point.]
Tuesday - Finished by about eleven again. Interesting debate staged by Big Country's old keyboard player the SNP chief whip, on copyright terms.

Brian Haw, of course, is still in Parliament Square, the new law permitting, as it was intended to, him to be there with the appropriate permission, which he has (I'm not, incidentally, saying that it's good to need permission - it's not - but discussion of the law should involve knowing that you've actually needed permission for demonstrations in the UK since 1936, and that Haw had no difficulty getting permission to stay when he asked - neither the government nor the Met was opposed). He had a megaphone out, but inside the building or in any part of the grounds people actually use you can't really hear even a magaphone. The traffic's too loud for a start. He's got a good point, but I think him being noticeable to people going past doesn't mean he's noticeable to those who make the decisions.

Wednesday. Tony's questions, I think. And a meeting on Sudan. Largely seemed to involve people from the BBC world service. Err . . . I think Wednesday was the climate change meeting too. Stavros Demas, EU environment commissioner, on reducing carbon emissions. Very interesting. Early night - away soon after nine.
Thursday - Sat and played with Kate's website with Stuart for a while, and then with the case management software that all your dealings with MPs go onto (well,for a lot of you, anyway. Not actually all of you). In the evening, met Krys and Chris and Simon and Tom in a pub I went to a few times with my sister when she lived near it on Hemingford Road. This time was for the pub quiz, which we didn't win due only (naturally) to blatantly inaccurate quizmastering. We did pretty well, though, so I'm not complaining.
Friday. Kate was still away, so I dropped in on Stuart and then went on a tour of Westminster. Saw Nigel Lawson, still looking very thin, and with remarkably ungreyed hair for a man of his age. Helped Rowena put stickers on envelopes while she waited for the printer engineer to arrive, and then went round the Jewel Tower. Sat around talking to Kate when she got back.
Saturday. Met Chris and Krys and Fiona up in Bloomsbury for lunch, hot chocolate and then a trip around the local supermarket. Everyone was looking healthier and happier than I expected, which was good. I walked back over to Tottenham Court Road, failed to find a copy of The Undertaking, managed to get through to CJ but couldn't find an Alien Sex Fiend ticket. Walked back over to meet Brigid et al (which included Kenny (met before), Aidan (met before once in passing), Siani (never met before) and Roz (met many times) and several others) for drinks, food, more drinks and then Slimelight for the first time in several years. It turns out Kate's friend Kelvin is an old friend of Brigid's dad. I spent most of it chatting to Loki and managed to miss CJ and Fran completely, having decided I was too tired to leg it up to Camden in search of a ticket and got out of Slimes at about three (before they arrived, I think?) to find a night bus home. Work at Euston meant that the one I wanted was at a different stop from usual - the stop I wanted was helpfully designated by a big label saying it wasn't, except in the small print where it made it clear that it was. Getting into Victoria, a couple of girls behind me were getting pestered by some very drunk (but ultimately harmless) young arseholes. Walked back across the haunted bridge.

Sunday. Had a lie in, woke Kate up to drop off a couple of things I'd picked up for her and James, then went over for the train. Uneventful trip except for bussing it between Newark and Grantham due to engineering works. Went to Neon once I was back.

Monday. Uneventful, I think.
Tuesday - pub quiz. Won this time.
Wednesday - Hoose again. Didn't win anything.
Thursday - Saunderses, then home rather than pub. I was tired.
Friday. Shopped for Ed's new phone. Delivered it. QNI. Early night, in fact, after reading altogether too much about Lebanon's ongoing troubles.
In spite of this, I was tired on Saturday night too. QNI.

Sunday. Bumped into randomchris and (I think) ashfae in the hoose.

That wasn't Sunday just gone, though. That was Sunday more than a week ago.
Tuesday - pub quiz. Won this time.

Oh well that's just bloody typical!
It turns out Kate's friend Kelvin is an old friend of Brigid's dad.

A quick web search reveals that in fact they were at school together.

Was good to see you.
Cheers. It was good to see you as well. I should make it down more often. You're not the only person I don't see enough.
"Nigel Lawson" and "thin" are not concepts I normally associate. Or was there some cynicism I missed?
He lost an awful lot of weight about ten or so years ago. And kept it off.