Maybe the world likes me?

I got another book in the post today, but a less expected one this time. It was in a brown card package stamped "" and held shut with two red rubber bands. Inside there was a copy of "No beauty without danger."

I already have a copy, but this one is signed. There had been a mail saying, among other things, that they would be sending out a few gifts to random supporters, but I'd completely forgotten.

Last night I went out to Fast, mainly to see The Leg again. They had facepaint and masks this time, and I got a better look at the drumkit (there are more odd and improvised instruments on it than I'd realised) and the guitar (not just acoustic, but a nylon-stringed acoustic). Various people said they might or would turn up, but none of them did. I ended up waiting for an hour in the pub on my own reading an abandoned copy of An Introduction To English Morphology. I am now three chapters better informed, but probably only temporarily. Morpheme is a very good word.

Earlier I played games (Tsuko, Metro, Spank the Monkey (not what you probably think) and Munchkin Bites) with Lara, Seth, Duncan, Alex and Marianne. There was even food. On Thursday I went for a drink with my aunt and cousin and some of their friends, down at the pub which is no longer The Northern. As usual when Lorna's there, the conversation turned to prostitution, pornography, media representations of sexuality, and the like. Hours of fun for the whole family.

In the news, but overshadowed by more dramatic events, was Britain finally paying off the aid loans from WWII. I caught a snatch of The World At War during the week, with a collection of talking heads pontificating on the outcome, and who did really well overall, and who really badly. Britain did quite well, in spite of ending up more or less bankrupt.
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I think we still owe debts from other wars though don't we?

I wonder if the government gets calls from companies asking if they want to consolidate their war debts into one large war debt?
I think we still owe debts from other wars though don't we?

Apparently so. From Napoleonic times, even.
Dammit, sah, didn't the blasted window tax pay that orf? A pox on the Whigs and their profligate spending!


You might want to hide that when I'm next at yours.
I'll probably have worked out which one's his by then. You'll be able to tell - it'll be the one that's been licked off the page.
If it hasn't been by then, it sure will be when I'm through with it. Mmm. Blixa ink.
Similarly, Montréal finally paid off the Olympic deficit from 1976. That would be the deficit that followed then-mayor Jean Drapeau's pronouncement that "The Olympics can no more have a deficit than a man can have a baby". Which in turn sparked Aislin's cartoon of a pregnant Drapeau on the phone saying "'allo, Morgenthaler?"