Pinochet escapes justice.

Dead at 91. In spite of what one of his supporters said (of leftists in general, not of me in particular) last week, I took no pleasure in his heart attack, because it made this more likely. He wouldn't have served time if convicted, but a guilty verdict covering at least some of his crimes would have been very valuable.

I suppose this is the end of one chapter in the story, but we're still happily propping up many other convenient thugs.

Update: Thanks to mrph for poiting out that Attila's myspack page lets you stream the very enjoyable T-Rex tribute "Scumball Pinochet".
I still predict the pay-toilet on Thatcher's grave will see much better business than the one on Pinochet's grave.
I can hardly deny that - and as it's Thaggie's I want the franchise for, I wouldn't want to.

Dancing will also be available. Mostly to the tune of Motörhead's "Dancing on your grave".
Thanks for the add. I was just finishing up at Edinburgh when they were trying to extradite him to Spain against Jack Straw's weasel word excuses.
No problems. You're welcome.

That was sickening. The line the courts took was pretty unpleasant too.