Lovecraft, actually.


There's a book out about the Sultan's Heffalump. We got a mail through about it a few days ago, and another saying that we were getting sent a free copy each. Very thoughtful, but I did for a horrible moment wonder whether this is going to turn into one of those nightmare relationships where we'll keep hearing from them and getting little gifts and they'll still be wanting to be our best friends in ten years time when we can hardly remember what they look like . . . and then suddenly they want to drop round and sleep on the couch and is it OK if a few friends come too?

Still, like the DVD it's a very nice thought and they absolutely didn't have to, so I'm very pleased. Overall.

I have now started the Christmas shopping, and inevitably I'm finding more things I'd like than that seem right for others. I can't buy any of them, of course, because if I do them I'll get given them too. This way I won't get given any of them, of course (I learned that the hard way with the Joy Division box, which I thought was the most screamingly-obvious "BUY ME FOR GRAHAM" item I'd ever seen) but at least I'll be able to pick them up in the sales afterwards. Unlike, for example the Joy Division box, which spent a few months deleted immediately after the festering season.

Actually, I even got that box for someone else, didn't I?


Thanks (I think) to luckylove for pointing out that Despair are now taking orders for custom calendars. You can, relatively cheaply thanks to the collapse of the dollar current advantageous exchange rate, specify which of their range of demotivational images you would like to grace each month. I think I've got my list of images sorted, so I think one will be gracing my wall next year. It includes "Change", which you should definitely have a look at if you've not seen it. For a little extra, you can specify four more mini-posters to complete your collection. You need never be without a corporate-ethos-defying image again.
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The Change picture did the rounds a while back. Apparently that's actually a dolphin!
Ah yes. Right you are. They've messed with the colour a lot too.

Still, it works in context. And I get to pick my favourites this year.
Despair are brilliant - reminds me of The Office! I liked this one:

Despair - It's always darkest just before it goes pitch black. Rather goth, hey?

The despair calenders are brilliant, but there's just too much to choose from!