Each year the snails have a penis season

It's amazing the phrases serious science throws up.

If a female chooses to mate with a male, she releases an egg and puts it in her mouth. The male puts his sperm in her mouth and she carries away the fertilised egg.

They're fish, incidentally.

Female chickens with the largest fleshy crests on their heads receive the most sperm from the dominant cock

That's from the New Scientist. is a description of the murals in the Oran Mor, Glasgow, by the artist.

NB : - Alasdair Gray has a small show on at the moment in Edinburgh, in a small gallery on East Crosscauseway. It's free, and you're strongly advised to drop in if you have a few minutes. It's split with Staurt Murray, who has contributed an array of graphic and text sketches of people he met. His contribution, too, is well worth a look.

Also of note, personally, is the existence of whatnextclub and (for the benefit of those of you with Flyspeck pages) We have webbage, the deposit's down on the venue and we've started doling out flyers and posters . . . I guess it's definitely happening, then.
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A Note From Pudsey Bear
You referenced Monday's article about Pudsey Bear's week. That was my article - i was Pudsey bear!
Was cool to see, you clearly have excellent taste!
Respect man.

I blog here for the times:
The Oran Mor murals sound amazing. Have you seen them? I found a couple photos, but not large enough to see any details.
They're lovely. I couldn't find any good pictures of them either. Possibly this is because he's not finished yet. Even the Oran Mor's own site doesn't have much.

They aren't unfinished in the sense that they don't cover the whole ceiling of a medium-sized church, though. Presumably there's just a lot more detail to add. The colours are very vivid - a lot of blue, particularly, as there's a lot of sky involved.

I was there earlier in the year for a friend's wedding reception. I was stunned.
I used to work at the Scottish Film Archive when it was at the top of Observatory Road. I'd walk past Alisdair Gray's house to and from work. You could tell it was his because of the paintings hanging in the living room.

Was this the one in Kersland Street? My parents bought a painting from him there in about 1970, for what seems a very small amount now but was more than they could afford at the time.
No, it was in Observatory Road. You could look into his front room and you'd see a giant female nude above the book case. I saw him in there sorting out his books or painting a couple of times. I didn't want to be nosey.

I met him at the Glasgow Uni English Lit Society around the same time, he's very friendly. He makes me think he's the Glasgow Uni equivalent of Owen Dudley Edwards.