The Prestige, again.

So, those of you who've seen it - did any of you think that Fallon looked suspiciously like Kim Newman, or is it just me? As circumstantial supporting evidence I submit the fact that the "Langford Double" is not something that featured in the book.
I agree, most definitely. But who would have engineered this?
A good question. It would have to be someone on the film's production side.
Yes, and yes (though at the end of te first part of The Martians and Us</a>, it occurred to ias and I that Newman looks like one of my work colleagues wearing a moustache/muttonchop combo - not sure what this means).

The Langford Double *could* be an obscure reference to El Langford, but I didn't think that Priest had been involved with the screenplay.
He wasn't, but according to the current Ansible :

Chris Priest saw The Prestige film at last and was alarmed by the dropping of a name that wasn't in his novel, nor in the annals of magic: one scene turns on the appropriate use of a stage magician's Langford knot, or `Langford double'. (`I can slip a Langford under water ...').

The assumption seems to be that someone involved in the writing did have a a slyer-than-expected sense of humour.