Milton Friedman.

Interesting to hear the late Milton being eulogised on the Today program this morning. They had some sort of True Believer on, supporting monetarist doctrine far more than Friedman himself did in his latter days. As I mentioned at the time, he (roughly speaking) recanted a few years back.

From Thee Ackurssed Witchipedia :
In an interview with Milton Friedman (published in the Financial Times 6 Jun 2003) Milton Friedman even seems to repudiate the monetary policy of monetarism and is quoted as saying "The use of quantity of money as a target has not been a success," ... "I'm not sure I would as of today push it as hard as I once did."

I think my comment at the time was Milton Friedman recants - nineteen-eighties "a mistake".

Such devotion to real outcomes, while admirable, didn't really characterise his life. My parents' late friend Neil Patterson (the lecturer who recommended The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy to students as a work of philosophy, for those of you I've told that story to) saw him being interviewed on TV. The presenter put it to him that even at this point - early eighties at the very latest - it was clear that the evidence didn't support his thesis. "Well," he replied, "so much the worse for the evidence."

Not a bad or unpleasant man, as far as I can tell, but too close to the caricature of the economist as "a man who will tell you that while your solution may look very good in practice, it doesn't work nearly as well in theory."
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