Exact science . . . is not an exact science.

Tesla gets the best line, perhaps inevitably.

Yes, it was made from a Chris Priest story, wasn't it? I thought the final exposition was a bit laboured, but apart from that, a fine job.

I remember Priest talking about the film project - only last year? It feels like much longer ago - in questions after his Guest of Honour speech in Glasgow. Someone had asked him about Carter Beats The Devil, which he'd started but hadn't liked particularly, and he mentioned that there were three film projects on magicians, the third presumably being the upcoming The Illusionist. Thinking about it, he might have felt similarly to what I remember Cronenberg saying he felt when he was approached to direct Seven.
I thought the final exposition was a bit laboured

So did I, but then I read some of the comments on IMDB, and it seems a lot of people still didn't understand what was going on...
Really? I thought they spelled it out a bit, finally. Maybe just as well they did, then, if some still didn't get it.
It's much more complicated, but better, in the book. I loved the film, but the book is just, y'know. Better.

Bowie was fantastic though.

Loved the film, want to read the book now (yes, I've heard it's different).
The film made the interesting choice of dumbing down the plot but making the main characters nastier.
I'll try and get my hands on it. I've just read The Separation, which was equally good but weird.
It was the ending of The Separation which I didn't like. The journey was fascinating, the end was way too Brazilian for my investment.
You lept out of your seat quickly :) - 'Based on.. ' was about the third line of the end credits.

The final exposition is a bit laboured because the whole murder plot was invented by the film-makers, presumably to add some unecessary drama, once they'd decided to rip out the book's structure.
Well, you can't generally film a book unchanged. It's not realistic. In fact,a novel is a very long story to film - a novella is about right. Novels have to be cut back, and short stories extended.

I got the impression when Priest was talking about the project last year that he wasn't involved at all, and didn't know how they'd handled it. Apparently that's right - he didn't see anything until it was finished. He liked it, though.