The gift that keeps giving

I had an unexpected and pleasant package in the post this morning - courtesy of Artichoke, a ten-minute DVD about the Sultan's Elephant. Probably as much footage of the performance as the Endemol documentary (which I still have but can't be bothered playing to people) without the fluff. This one may get waved around. Not much sign of me, but unsurprisingly Billy and Roy feature heavily.
The Endemol documentry actually comes off rather well for a one-man and a camera job. He gets three different Londoners to see the whole performance and gets their feedback through out the show. It only suffers by the fact that it is a one man shoot and of course there was usually two things happening at once seperated by hundred thousand punters even when the two groups were close together.

It really rubbed me up the wrong way. It started off with pretentious waffle about it having been 1:23 on the 4th of the 5th '06, which had the square root of fuck-all to do with anything, and then went on about how nobody knew anything (except the people who read the newspapers or had seen the website or picked up the freesheets helpfully left beside the rocket, but lets not mention any of that) and then went off on its own weird agenda. It looked to me like they could have made essentially the same film about anything big that weekend. Or any other. This at least is unquestionably a film about the event.