The music of the cuboids.

Eels is coming down through the ceiling. Before that it was Nirvana. Nearly fifteen years ago I was living in this flat and similar stuff used to waft downwards. At the time it was the stuff we used to play in the Park Room, and we'd joke that we'd know a new record we'd been playing had finally arrived when we heard our upstairs neighbours playing it. I wonder how we educate this lot?

Actually, they're having a party tonight. I know this because one of them popped round last night both to invite us and to say that we should just let them know if it got too loud. I don't think I'll make it, but it's nice of them.
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Them upstairs are students. They're fresh into the place a couple of weeks back. Overall they've got pretty good taste going by what I've heard.

Where's Kims? Over here, or over there?
You can always turn your speakers upwards and waft educationally their way.... or invite them to *your* next party, and show um where it's at today. Oh yes.

[I guess their parents were into S Club 7]
We could indeed invite them, actually. I see one of the other neighbours out at clubs occasionally - I know his parents better, because back in the nineties I didn't talk to the kids much.