Reasonable and compassionate

Sweetness and light, redux.

Some of you may remember that a while back my good, terrific, most excellent friend nickys ran a quick (but legally binding) LJ poll to confirm that I am indeed All Sweetness And Light™.

I have some bad news. Entirely against her will, some miscreant has sabotaged her survey. I know it's hard to believe that anyone could find it in themselves to rig as important a thing as a Livejournal poll, but I can provide proof. It's here, and if you go to the bottom of that page you will see a suspicious series of suspiciously suspicious and similar-looking LJ handles all voting identically. I suspect these of in fact being aliases of one single person, subverting this exercise for their own nefarious purposes. Who this might be I obviously have no notion of, and nor would I be prepared to traduce this doubtless well-meaning individual if I did.

Naturally, I could mobilise my own army of loyal sockpuppets in my defence, but I think truth, justice and the way of Sweetness And Light™ should triumph. If you haven't voted in this poll - or, indeed, if you have but didn't vote Yes and are willing to reconsider - then the voting booth can be found here.

Bless you, my children. You will be rewarded in the next life. Or in the next pub, if you're sufficiently helpful.
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I always find non-script-based poll stuffing to be almost sweet in its naïveté. I imagine someone sitting there concentrating hard, tongue sticking slightly out, trying to think of another animal after the four they've already used.

And failing.
Well . . . entirely hypothetically, of course, as I have no idea who's involved . . . it might perhaps be someone who already happened to have a few extra accounts lying around from previous escapades and thought "why not"?
Ah no, these are all sockpuppets that have been in use for other purposes for quite a while... :-)