I mentioned (to Lara and Seth, I think) a video I'd seen on YouCrack involving treadmills. The Grauniad today has a few examples of runaway successes, and it was one of them - OK Go's "Here It Goes Again", -
Youtube allegedly gets a million or so hits a day. That page has a million hits total. There are certainly other copies of it up there, but I'd be surprised if it was generally and regularly managing 280 000 hits a day. It may have done so at some point, though - that wouldn't particularly surprise me.
Well, you have to remember that a hit doesn't necessarily follow a link, and 59% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
Hurr hurr, you said 'runaway'.

...well I thought it was funny. *goes back to work*
Heh! Haven't seen the vid before, but they re-created it live on TV a little while ago. Can't remember the show though...
The staff at my gym get incredibly upset if anyone tries to re-enact this.

Or so I'm told.
The ferocious cheapness is part of the charm - for me, at least.

Actually, matting out the stationary bits shouldn't be too difficult for someone with the right software.
Oh, this is an ace video. I can only imagine how many takes it took to get it right :)
I saw it on OK Go's own website rather than on YouTube. They have some other pleasingly budget affairs on there too.
Yes this video/song is playing a lot on NZ musicTV just now. I like it, kinda different fun. Grendel