He's not the secretary of EUSA, he's a very naughty boy.

Thank you for your thoughts on Silent Running. We crumblies mostly seem to have seen it, but the young'uns mostly haven't. I suppose my suspicion about it having become quite obscure isn't totally wide of the mark, although I was a bit surprised at how many people had seen it, many repeatedly. Not just me, then.

Last night I was shown a copy of Stunted, the Edinburgh University student newspaper. Its website is so out of date they could almost be done under the Trades Descriptions Act for using the word "news" on it, so instead I'll link to this Scotsman article detailing the fall of lawyer, local councillor and perennial EUSA hack Iain "Joy Division knitted jumper" Catto. Not a very pleasant story. Involves scenes of financial fraud and breach of trust.

On a lighter note (because nobody seemed to have been hurt so far) this article amused me when I saw it. Scientist goes out, gets drunk and on getting home realises he's mislaid about a litre and a half of hydrogen fluoride. Could happen to anyone, couldn't it?

I've also been listening to more Alamos this week. I saw them at Wickerman after being pointed at them by (I think) pigeonhed. They've a couple of streamable videos up at their website - Polemics and Photograph it. Warning - may contain scenes of skinny teenagers rockin' out.

Following the fuss over the Holy Father's speech, I went looking for the full text and found out that the Vatican Secret Archives have their own website, a fact which just terrifies me. Have they put the full text of their copy of the Necronomicon up yet?

Finally, a couple of items from the paper - there's a little article about Stephin Merritt and Lemony Snicket, in the form of the former interviewing the latter. This is to mark the upcoming release of the last part of A Series Of Unfortunate Events and the associated album of Gothic Archies songs. There are streamable samples of a couple of the songs at the end, if you're at all interested in the man Merritt's work. According to the mailing list, there should be a new Magnetic Fields album in the spring, if the job of recording it goes according to plan.

Patti Smith gets a writeup here, too, although she only has one new song to be streamed, and there's an interview with Kevin Smith, largely about Clerks II : "Once you get beyond the bestiality, vomiting and masturbation, Clerks II is a sentimental comedy about growing up."

Sounds good to me.
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Bit of a write up here too. We couldn't stay for the actual Coral Sea bit, but the first half was pretty good. I think I've seen her live often enough for a while now though, unless something in the same league as performing Horses with Cale supporting comes along again.
I saw that, yes. Sounds good. I wouldn't mind seeing her again sometime.
I recently discovered the Vatin Secret Archives website & was quite astounded. They haven't catalogued the whole collection by a long shot so who knows what they've got hidden away as evidently they don't know themselves.
They're maybe spending too much time on football - I understand that as the Vatican league goes, the Secret Archives team are quite strong.

ROME -- And now here are the football results:

St. Peter's Basilica 5, Radio Vaticana 4;

Secret Archives 4, Vatican Fire Brigade 1.

(From here)
In the comic Clerks Jay says something along the lines of 'how long is that Clerks jerk going to live off his student-film lookalike piece of shit?'
Well, at least 8 years from writing that line so far...

How were Alamos live? I do like the album.
They were very good. Very bouncy. I was very impressed. They were also scarily young. My second thought (after "what a lovely racket") was "Do their mothers know they're out?"
Hold the front page!
So Roman Catholicism is the only true christianity, atheists are morally deficient, scientists are blinkered, and theology is a proper science - honest guv'.

I'd never have expected the pope to say that!

Re: Hold the front page!
Indeed. I think that an awful lot of us could take grave offense at that if we wished.
Re: Hold the front page!
True - but I really don't think he's worth more than a couple of lines of sarcasm.
What the...? Oh I know, the perfect accessory for my night out is these three bottles of hydrofluoric acid that I've been constantly told will eat your skin away to the bone and then erode the bone as well. All the cool kids are doing it.
There is a slight lack of detail on the quesion of why he was carrying something so dangerous around, yes. In fact, the article saying that it's listed as dangerous implies that the journalist doesn't actually realise exactly how dangerous it is.
I hope said journalist is happy in their job, and not considering a career change into, ooh, the semiconductor industry.
Yesterday I succumbed to Fopp and bought 1975-2002 LAND, it's rather exceptional, makes me want to dig out an old bootleg I had of her at Newcastle poly. And to think I came to listen to her because of Birdland!
Yesterday I succumbed to Fopp and bought 1975-2002 LAND, it's rather excepetional, makes me want to dig out an old bootleg I had of her at Newcastle poly. And to think I came to listen to her because of Birdland!
The band Birdland? Well, there are worse ways in. Actually, I haven't listened to Paradise in a very long time . . .
Yes, I'm afraid so...those chaps with big peroxide hair and gangly legs. They were rather raucous live though!
We saw the Lemony Snicket movie for the first time last week and I so want a Sonny outfit for Eliziam. Know where we can get one?