Where are the nucleear wessels, kiptin?

Does Three Sisters normally take four hours, or was that quite a long one?

The director's a fan of Tarkovsky, apparently, which would certainly explain all the l . o . n . g . . . p . a u . s . e . s
I had a very amusing account of this from friends yesterday. They said they had never seen an Edinburgh audience so restive. I dread to think what it'll be like if they're touring to Glasgow..!
The best (worst?) bit was when irina and the Baron paused for ten or fifteen seconds at the stagefront and then the Baron slowly said "I feel like everything is watching me and waiting for me to say something."

It was hard not to laugh. It was hard, and not everybody succeeded.

I did like it, though. I just didn't think all of the long pauses worked. The nearest eight people to us in our row didn't come back for the second half, which is a shame as that's when most of the action is.