The G-word.

Neon was fun, and went on until 5. I had the last slot, so by the time I'd packed and got downstairs the place was empty. I could have sworn there were people there when I started.

Today's Guardian has an article on the alleged gawthic tendencies in upcoming fashion trends, along with the inevitable sideswipe at the Daily Hate for claiming that goth and emo were basically the same ("remember that emo kids wear less lace and aren't so fussed about the Lady of Shalott"). The final piece of advice is one I think we can all endorse - "actually liking the Mission may be taking things too far."

I just caught Sushi Junior's last performance on the fringe (for this year, at least) and very good it was, too. It reminded me very vaguely of Accidental Death of an Anarchist, which can only be a good thing.
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Shall have to try to get along to Neon again sometime.
Fashion tries to co-opt goth every two or three years and always falls at making actually nice boots popular.
But how would you know what it is do dress G*thic when you're not and never have been one? : P

I used to like The Mission but then I discovered music
She's clearly in denial - notice how she admits powdering her face white. If it walks like a goth and quacks like a goth . . .
On a different tack, have I mentioned that I picked up a very silly Teen Anthems compilation recently?
Nope, you didn't.

Teen Anthems as in "I Hate Oasis" or Teen Anthems as in S Club 7 and the like? ;-)
The former, although there are some excruciating Boyzone samples in there.
It's evident we have to put her on the door at B-Movie. She will in fact have a fabulous time and then have to spend the rest of her life with a Dark Secret.
quacks like a goth
Ah, now I understand why we were heckled as 'Goth Duckies' on Oz, maybe....