Life imitates apocalyptic John Wyndham novel:

We've all read John Wyndham (Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris)'s novel "Web", haven't we? No? Well, it's about the discovery of a species of social spider, and the consequences, which aren't too pleasant.

Nervous yet?

Naa, me neither. Honest.
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Jesus fuck. That scares the shit out of me. I can barely manage to tie my own shoelace and spiders are hunting in packs now. All hail our new insect overlords.
You'd better not call them insects where they can hear you, they really don't like that. Arachnids can be quite touchy no that point.
Ah fuck. It's a bit late now. Looks like I'll be first up against the web when the revolution comes.
Damn, I remember that book - we should act now and agent orange everything within 50 miles of the little sods.
Never read the book I'm afraid.

Irksomely the article doesn't mention whether they're genuinely a eusocial species or just an species of spider which cooperate and have size difference between the sexes. I'm presuming from "Most colonies were just a few dozen spiders, but occasionally a colony population would soar into the thousands, declining to multiple small colonies again within days" that they're not a genuine eusocial animal.
It is said elsewhere that they're quasisocial rather than eusocial.
Mm. Having said that, though, they said that the presence of different sizes of female possibly indicated the development of a caste system, which if they're right and it happened would promote them to semisocial or eusocial.
Quite a short novel. It wasn't published until about ten years after his death, though, so it's not as well-known as some.
Aaah . . . no, probably not. For your information, though, it's very good if you like that sort of thing.
NAh, only Chrysalids at school. Turned out to have an NZ connection, a place of helicopters I thought I;d never have anything to do with ;)