Blast from the past.

There used to be this band called The Cateran.

It's Gaelic - roughly speaking, it translates as "Ruffians". I think they were from Inverness originally, but they were to be found in Edinburgh in the mid to late Eighties. They were a guitar band, more than a little reminiscent of Hüsker Dü, and I have most of their records. The first time I saw them was at the Potterrow, with original_aj, among others, and they were excellent. I should point out to anyone who knows the place now but didn't then that this was the pre-extension Potterrow, where a lot of scary music was. I saw them at least a couple more times before they broke up and played their actual final gigs supporting Grant Hart, Hüsker Dü's drümmer, on a British tour. I believe they'd supported Dü Hüskers a few years earlier, so they were old mates.

I'm told there's bad blood between the various members now, so it may not have been a happy ending.

After that, two of them were in a band called The Joyriders, who put out a couple of EPs and played some concerts before petering out. For various reasons that seemed to make some sense at the time, I never saw them, although friends who did say they were well worth catching. They had the misfortune of putting their first record out just before a Northern Irish band called Joyrider got into the charts, which probably didn't help their chances.

Anyway. That was almost fifteen years ago now. Last night I was in Bannermans, also with original_aj among others, and there was a notice advertising a free farewell gig by a band called The Joyriders. "Can't be", I thought, but it's obvious which way this is going, isn't it?

I finally get to see them. Bannermans. 9th of September. And as far as I can tell, for the princely sum of no quids at all. Not even some Pees. They even have the inevitable myspack page, where you can thrill to the sound of early nineties Scottish punk rock. In theory you can download all their recorded songs, but it wasn't working when I tried. Still, if their threat to have CDs available is carried out, I'll have them all soon enough anyway. I have at least one of the records already, but the complete set would be nice.

All I need now is for The Probes to turn up again, and it'll have made my year. Sadly,

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makes me wonder if Dawn of The Replicants are still around

/me goes searching
I remember booking them for the Potterow, they went down well IIRC - I'll look out that demo tape for you as promised!
there's bad blood between the various members

That applies to Du Huskers too sadly.

While I'm here, you interested in Green On Red at King Tut's on 2nd Sept?
I don't think I've got anything on then, so yes that sounds fun.

I was looking at Sir Robert's website a couple of months ago and apparently he and Grant did some songs together at a tribute gig a while back. Probably a bit strained, but nice to see. That only leaves us wondering what on Earth happened to Greg.
Actually I think its the 4th of September. Sorry if that causes problems.

Last I heard the unfeasibly moustachioed bassman was working as a chef.
I'd heard that story too. Is he any good, though?

The 4th also sounds fine.
Half remembered bands with some vague Edinburgh connection
I was recently reminded of The Wibbly Brothers - "Go weird". Or something like that. We think they were a bunch of medical students who made an LP for a laugh. I think Pete picked it up in somewhere like Avalance for 50p. Cool memories.
Re: Half remembered bands with some vague Edinburgh connection
Wow! and Mega WOW!! I'd done a web search years ago and thought that I didn't remember enough to get a hit...or I was just mistaken.

But yes, you found 'em. P will be blown away by this link. I'm amazed, thankyou so much. *BIG GRIN* :> you've made my day.

We were playing this album in the Gillespie Crescent flat in late '80s early 90s. It's a bit of a classic!
Blast from the past
Glad you liked the Cateran, I was the drummer - and still speak to the others! We don't hate each other that much.

Joyriders reformation is indeed free, its Dunsy's birthday, hence reformation. Should be good, but I'm away on holiday and will miss it...
Re: Blast from the past

Good to hear you're still talking. I know it's a while late to be saying this, but you were excellent every time I saw you.
The Joyriders
It is indeed the same band Murdo, Dunsy and Craig - with my ex-Chickweed bandmate Andy on drums. As suspected it's free as we've hired the venue but you can donate cash at the door to the Sick Kids Hospital - at last we do something good for a change. It's our first show in 13 years and our last one ever. And I should have some CDR's with all the EP and Sessions tracks at the door. It might be a hoot so come along.

Re: The Joyriders
Oh, I'll definitely be there. Don't worry about that.