Last week.

Later last week I went to see Kim Hope with my brother, originally on the grounds that Kristilee, a friend of Rick Holland's, was helping her, possibly including a song. Obviously Tuesday was the night she wanted to see Dylan Moran instead, so it was just an hour of Hope, which was rather fun if a bit underattended. I've not heard of her before, but she was well worth seeing. She and Kristilee are both from the antipoads, although apparently Hope's now joined the hordes of London Aussies.

Some weeks ago my brother asked me if I fancied seeing Howard Jones. I said yes, obviously, because hearing that Howard Jones was doing an acoustic set made me think of the "Utah Saints - Unplugged" sketch. Come Saturday, sadly, he was playing a piano and had a guitarist along, but it was still fun. My second thought had obviously been "Will he have his little dancing gimp with him?"

Unfortunately not.

Earlier on Saturday there was a slight Middle-East-related walk with about three thousand friends. This was moderately interesting, partly due to Mark's comments about the sheer age of some of the chants - Vietnam-era, in at least one case (incidentally, there's still some anti-Vietnam war graffiti visible in Edinburgh if you know where to look). There was some very energetic pro-Hezbollah chanting going on, but only coming from about three people. Well, maybe four or five, but I was only sure of three. The SSP seemed to be keeping their heads down, which was probably very wise given recent events.

Fringe Sunday was quite fun. Gamarjobat were impressively amusing, but they're probably sold out by now. Afterwards I went to an LJ meet, which was fun in a very self-deprecating way. I arrived to find a grand total of two people,recycled_sales and bassresistance, and we spent the next hour wondering whether each unaccompanied person (obviously noone with actual friends would have any need of LJ) was pasty, underexercised and socially inept enough to be looking for us. It took quite a while before anyone was, and then it was two - girls they were, even, which made us look considerably less sad (scratchmeharder and uisgebeatha they were, in fact, with a brief appearance from (IIRC) conifer too). After warning the women present to take absolutely no action on it, I mentioned the elbows-behind-the-back-thing (after raving about Captain Frodo, I think). Not being noticeably womanly, recycled_sales then proved that he actually can do it. Freak.

Some time ago, GrahamB played me some Mew, and I thought they were a lot of fun. Yesterday I found out that Rick Wakeman likes them. I feel sullied.
What's all this 'LJ no friends' lark then? ...I'll have you know... :^)

So sans Cropredy for both of us this year. My kiwi pals that went had a good time apparently (they didn't mention the weather deteriorating!), and they were going through MAN airport on Monday (yesterday) to fly back to Kiwiland. Brave souls. Mind you, I follow them tomorrow. But my flights seem to be getting away on time - hope I'm on it.

I didn't make it up to Scotland due to lack of pounds and the car getting nicked. We got it back tho!

njoy rest of your EdFringeFest
Cropredy didn't even get in touch this year. Ah well. It was nice while it lasted.

Arranging Grand Theft Auto is going a bit far just to avoid a few midges.

I hope the flight goes well. Things seem to be heading vaguely towards tolerable.
The trick is to mention casually in conversation how few women can touch their elbows together behind their back. If you're feeling benevolent you can warn people in advance to wait until getting home to try it.

Actually, of course, pretty much nobody of either sex can. I certainly can't.
i saw a geezer at fringe sunday who managed to put his hands on his hips and get his elbows to touch in front of him. he encouraged us in a round of applause by clapping them...
Howard Jones! That was the first concert I ever went to. 8th grade, it must have been. Somebody's parents drove us all the way to the Big City (imagine just a bit of sarcasm in my tone, here), Jacksonville, FL.
Well, I gre up in Ayr, and that was the Bright Lights for some people. Only a town of 50 thousand, though.
The samples ound good, so far, but do you know whether Rick Wakeman has expressed any liking for them?