Falling behind . . .

I still have to talk about Sky and Wickerman (if I can still remember them), but in the last weekish I've seen a couple of bands and a broch.

On Friday I saw a nine-piece ska band called Bombskare down at Bannerman's. They were excellent, even though it was so stupidly hot that everyone got chased outside for ten minutes halfway through. They played loads of stuff over about two hours, including the Z cars theme, Pressure Drop and something that sounded very like In The Hall Of The Mountain King. Their support was One-O'Clock Gun, a puunk band who aren't happy they're up to snuff on their own stuff so they just blasted through a set of covers instead. Also very good, and also played Pressure Drop. My youth is coming back to haunt me . . .

On Sunday Mark and Lauren dragged me out to the (new) Bongo (I've only just noticed that the old one's not even remotely there anymore) to see the Hussys, a genuine pop group with catchy songs and a blonde singer and everything. I got one of their EPs and now regret not buying the other too. We Expected is particularly good (and for once I'm not saying that in an ironic way). After them were the Bloosers, with a pair of guitars and a minimal drumkit. Lauren reckoned they sounded like 10 000 Maniacs. I was more reminded of a less intense and more bluesy PJ Harvey, but what the hell. I stayed until the end. They were fun.

Yesterday Mark and Lauren forced me - at gunpoint - to drive me out to Edin's Hall, a hill fort just off the A1 near Grantshouse. It's a couple of miles from the road, but it was a nice walk on a lovely day, with the inevitable kite patrolling overhead. I was amazed by the broch's state when I saw it, but apparently it was slightly restored by some Victorians. At least, though, they were only aiming for its state around 1800. They could have done worse. It was still very impressive. I usually only see that sort of thing when I'm a lot further from home.

In other news, Ed has a place and this time the surveyor's been co-operative. Furthermore, it's Lughnasa around now, which means it's time for a party. There may well be drumming, and I wouldn't want to miss that, would I?
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Only a little bit like 10000 Maniacs, a really tiny little bit.

*tries to remember the gun*
Oh, that gun. Yes, sorry about that and the sulking.

> even though it was so stupidly hot that everyone got chased outside for ten minutes halfway through

It was ridiculously warm in there.
Funny you mention Pressure Drop, I went through a phase of listening to that a few weeks back - grabbed the Toots and the Maytals version from emusic and the Clash's off iTMS. (Felt a bit weird, that last one. Also since it's the version from "On Broadway" it's been remastered, and sounds *way* too clean.) Still prefer the Specials' version overall.