Not just politics, but mainly.

So. Two flights were diverted from Prestwick to Mildenhall to refuel. Prestwick themselves have implied that they have to accept any legal flight - anyone know if this is true?

Once again, Jack Straw has shown that he's much better on foreign (and in particular Middle-Eastern) issues than on domestic law and order. He was definitely much better in the FCO than the Home Office. Him stepping out of line on this one might imply that Blair's overplayed his hand.

Incidentally, did I hear rightly yesterday that Blair said his priorities were ensuring the safety and security of Israeli civilians and getting Hezbollah out of Lebanon? I'd agree with both of them, but if I heard rightly then there's the big matter of the safety of Lebanese civilians that should also be in there. Anyone know of a transcript of what was actually said?

I have to do a couple of writeups, including the Wickerman last weekend - but let me just say that we went past Palnackie, which was advertising the World Flounder Tramping Championship.
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The trouble with the Home Office is that the fundamental job requirement is to be a suburban Nazi. Your first job is to comfort people who will do anything to get comfort and security.
I had a neighbour who interviewed him when he was a student, and she thought he was a bastard then. On the other hand, pretty much the first thing he did as Foreign Sec was annoy the then Israeli government by visiting Palestine.