MMR and trivia

The world continues to go to hell in a handbasket, but on the upside there's a new way to annoy people in pubs, and it's even got a cool name.

I've also been meaning to mention this BBC story. Hear that noise? That's the sound of the international biomedical community taking the antivaccine scare and sodomising its corpse like a Dutch mallard. This interesting page cites papers showing that the intestinal oddities that Andrew Wakefield thought were new and linked to MMR had in fact been seen and commented on well before that vaccine was developed - and seem to be harmless.

MMR should of course not be confused with MRR.
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sodomising its corpse like a Dutch mallard

I really have to remember to use that phrase sometime :-)
there's a new way to annoy people in pubs, and it's even got a cool name

Pwned by me; when the first lot of Compact Disc jukeboxes appeared in pubs circa 1985 I was able to clear a bar full of cheap suits with Leonard Cohen's Songs From A Room thus leaving myself and my mates in peace.

I do like the idea of "wyatting", though Dondestan if anything is even less listenable than Merzbow; not Robert's finest hour.
Jackie Fletcher, from campaign group Jabs, a support network for parents who believe their children have been damaged by vaccines, said the study still did not prove there was not a link.

"What we need, and what we have always called for, is a full and open review into the link so we cann establish once and for all what the truth is."

Stupid idiot. She's already had one, she just doesn't like the answer because they disagree with her.
No time to comment, I'm off to find a pub i can play Metal Machine Music in!
And yet people still insist that the MR vaccine is terribly dangerous and that it causes autism. *sigh* Why is it that people would rather believe one poorly-researched scare-story, even when it's been ripped apart repeatedly, than a huge great body of reliable, properly-research evidence that isn't sensationalist?
I think you've answered your own question there. Clearly we should spend less time being reliable and thorough if we want to achieve general acceptance, and more time being slipshod and sensationalist.
As far as the MMR vaccine and measles immunity is concerned, we're fucked anyway. Herd immunity is currently too low to be of any use whatsoever. Mothers who refuse to see that there is no link need to go a few rounds with my clue-by-four.
This is from someone who has seen measles kill.
Om my very first visit to Edinburgh, I and a fellow miscreant put on a stack of Abba songs on a pub juke-box and then scarpered. Oh, wot larks!

An annoying response from JABS: "A full and open review into the link", immediately presupposing that there is a link, and how much more full and open do you want? Oh, of course, it's all a conspiracy of the global medical mafia. And as for "the study still did not prove there was not a link", well, really. It doesn't prove that there isn't a link between autism and sun-dried tomatoes, so what? Bah!
Metallica? In MRR? Surely not?

It'd have been MDC's "Millions of Dead Cops" when I used to read it, from what I remember. They always were chauvinists for the West coast punk scene - East coast bands didn't get nearly as sympathetic treatment.
off topic. i had a dream that i went into a flat where there were printing presses, then i went upstairs, to find you sitting on a chair wielding a shotgun in a defensive kind of way. it seemed that nick griffin (leader of BNP?) was expected to arrive, perhaps because the printing presses were used to create BNP pamphlets?
nick griffin (leader of BNP?)

Well, yes. Indeed so.

Gosh. Obviously I'm quite opposed and would happily do what in general I could. I'm not sure about loaded guns. I suppose there's no chance it was just a really threatening water pistol?