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Well, it's Sunday again and, once more, I've done nothing all day. Apart from read the papers, listen to songs by the highly excellentNew Model Army and go to the local supermarket to squander my hard-earned pittance on little fripperies like food. Still, the day's not over yet and I'm hoping to usefully expend some of the remaining seconds of my life
  • Watching television (Have I Got Potentially Actionable Humour For You and Later With That Irritating Bloke From The Tube Introducing Some Dead Good Bands)
  • Chatting with a lightning-prone friend on the phone, assuming I can get through to her - this, to be honest, is likely to turn into just another round of our prolonged and protracted game of phone tag - and
  • Going out to work to load some samples onto a cycler so they'll be waiting ready to precipitate in the morning (which should only take five minutes once I arrive).

Should be fun.

It's been a slightly odd week or so. My flatmate K's been a bit hacked off after her boss gave her her notice for the crime of having been around for a bit and potentially having employment rights or something, and when a few days later she snapped at him that she might go into business in cometition with him now that she knows a bit about the book trade, he changed his line and said maybe she could stay on part-time. She reckons he's pissing her about, and I reckon she's not wrong. Other Flatmate is sounding a little dissatisfied with a couple of things as well, but in the sort of way that could just blow over as easily as it could be a lasting issue.

Friday a week back there was a fight outside the pub at closing time. This has fallout - some people are laying low for a bit in case good kickings are being distributed. This is wise. This is, in fact, a lot wiser than they were being at the time - unsurprisingly as we were all seven-eighths cut at that point. Having said which, I'm unconvinced that any of them will have learned much from their involvement. I wasn't involved, but a couple of friends were. It may still involve police action, of course, so I can't really say more.

It did mean that two people wanted to have "quiet words" with me about what precisely had happened, which obviously contributed to a relaxed and carefree week.

I was back in the same pub on Friday, and I didn't see any of those involved. Maybe they were hiding in niches and alcoves, but I suspect (and hope) that they'd done the discretion bit instead. It got me thinking, though - what is wrong with this town? I've seen so much more crime and violence since I moved down here. I know that Edinburgh has a reputation as being a nice genteel city, but it is in Scotland, and Homecountiesshire is allegedly a much lovelier and fluffier place to be. Really? My fucking arse it is, if my own experience is typical. I feel much more threatened down here, and that was true even before my encounter with the incompetent would-be mugger a couple of months back.

Anyway, last night I was back there again, as it was Erik's birthday and I thought it would be nice to drop in and bestow some more rocket fuel upon him. I got there with a freshly-bought bottle of Stolichnaya, and he was already so drunk that he'd had to go home. So after finishing my pint and chatting to K and Ozzie Paul (and wincing at the alleged singing of the guy who's becoming the pub's regular pissed-up trendy arsehole), myself and K wandered over. A nice time was had with Erik's mum and her bloke and a few mutual friends of Erik's and ours, and we watched Dogma and the inevitable Labyrinth (which I'm very bored with having seen it too often, ie more than once - this is not in my view a film that adequately rewards repeat viewing). Erik was as drunk as a lord in the middle of the couch with a girl on each arm, interrupting watching the film and chatting to people every so often to swap spit with one or other of them. This was nice to see, I think, because things have been difficult for Erik recently. I don't know if this'll have cheered him up in the long run, but I think it must have added to his evening at least a little.

As for myself, I chatted to Another Graham, drank a bottle of wine and another couple of pints, and talked to one of Erik's close friends in between whatever else she was up to. I was, in truth, a bit despondent by the end of the evening, so I walked home rather than crash or get a cab, simply because I wanted to be alone to fume in peace. Erik, of course, seems to have a couple of women really very interested in him (although not necessarily including the one he's really most interested in), which is nice as far as it goes, but frankly I could do with some attention myself. [digression : K's phone is going off again. I can hear it from here. She's left it downstairs again while she's trying to chat up some potential eventual shag on IRC. It plays the Ride Of The Valkyries, and if it does it too many more times it's going to have a nasty accident].

Where was I? Oh yes - attention, and the lack of it. I fucking hate this town. I don;'t think it's that much to ask that occasionally I meet an unattached woman who is both interesting and potentially interestable. It happened at least occasionally in Edinburgh, so why doesn't it happen here? My personal life hasn't been worthy of the name since I arrived. I don't like this place and I've really got to leave. Like I say, I walked home last night in the gentle autumn rain (which by this morning had turned into the aggressive autumn downpour) and got gradually more pissed off with the situation. I'm doing something wrong, obviously. Something very wrong. But until I work out what it is, I'm going to be stuck here on my ever-expanding arse, getting older and greyer and fatter and more and more unloved and unloveable. This is not a tempting prospect.

On the upside, work seems to be going OK. Da boss has decided which of the interviewees to take on and he's accepted the offer, so I guess he'll probably start in December or (more likely) the new year. I only met him as he passed by. He seemed fine, and Adrienne reckons he's the guy for the job (I think he's several inches taller than her, which violates her usual hiring policy, but I don't think that'll be fatal), and her judgement's usually pretty sound. We're still down to move to the Lido in january, which should be fun. The flood test is due soon, but of course we'll all be watching the current rains with more interest than the official test. As I say, it should be fun.


I should point out that I don't feel like that very often. And that I don't feel that way as much as I used to a couple of years ago. Usually these days I'm past caring.
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