Everything I ever needed to know about life I learned from Wikipedia.

1. This slipped past me at the time, but is still beautiful.

2. Apparently Walter Sobchak is based on John Milius. I am rather disturbed by this.

On Saturday I saw The Call of Cthulhu (very recent black & White silent adaptation - well worthwhile) and King Kong (Peter Jackson's one - overall, a lot to like, but rather too faithful to the original, including a lot of dated nonsense that should have been replaced by shiny new up-to-date nonsense. The bit in the middle that seemed less inspired by King Kong than by Donkey Kong should have gone too. And Jack Black a should play Orson Welles) at Mark's, followed by Ascension (Douche! Douche! Douche!) - no dancing, but chatted to a few folks, so it was a good use of time.

Saw my folks today. Which was nice.

So: is, as I've been told, Saturday Night really just a faster version of Spanish Bombs?
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I think we can safely say that Encyclopedia Britannica has not, nor will ever have, a list of films ordered by the number of times people say "fuck".

Nor for that matter is it ever likely to have articles on modern phenomena such as OS-tan.

Clearly the encyclopedia that Slashdot built is superior!
OK, I've done my research and I can't find anything about it: "Saturday night" is just too common a string. So: what "Saturday Night" are you talking about?
Ah! Right. I can't quite remember how that goes. But I do remember "Saturday night and I ain't got nobody/I got some money 'cos I just got paid", which, Google reminds me, was by Sam Cooke. And as it sounds in my mind right now, it's not unlike 'Spanish Bombs'. But I don't think Whigfield's was a cover of that. Curious.