More nonsense

Today I have among other things been reading Alasdair Gray's blog, which is syndicated here.

eliziam says I have to do this, so . . . 7 songs I am currently listening to.

1. Dress - PJ Harvey.
2. Get out of London - Intaferon
3. Cars - Katzenjammer
4. New York City Fuck Off - Matson Jones
5. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning - Richard Thompson
6. I'm not your enemy - Linus
7. The Pogues - A rainy night in Soho

In other news, Ed seems to have landed a flat, which obviously he is (and to a lesser but still significant extent, we are) very pleased about. When he'll be into it is the next question.

Finally, many thanks to akicif for pointing out this French advert for Canal+. Safe for anywhere that allows streamed video, I'd guess. Funny, too, in my view - but then I'm extremely easily amused.
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Intaferon -- are they biologists d'ya think?

I was at the Decibelio festival in Spain recently, one of the bands had (as part of their backdrop animation) someone typing ATCGGTACATGCAATCGAetc. into a very low-tech text editor...

Did you get a photo? We could stick the sequence into BLAST and see whether it's a real one.
Heh, that did occur to me. Now that would have been an in-joke.

One of the other bands had some Java code scrolling past, and I noticed a guy in front of me with this on his t-shirt:

Hvcsjt); $b="Lbssz Wbmm"
;$b =~ y/b-z/a-z/ ; $c =
" Tif ". @a ." hsfbu wj"
."suvft pg b qsphsbnnfs"
. ":\n";$c =~y/b-y/a-z/;
print"\n\n$c ";for($i=0;
$i<@a; $i++) { $a[$i] =~
[-1]){print"and $a[$i]."
;}else{ print"$a[$i], ";

The sad thing was, I ran it in my head, and got about half the message out before I got stuck and had to ask him...