I was just looking through a box of old games (I'm sure I haven't played any of them in fifteen years, so I should probably get rid of them - any of you interested in some old games?) and I found the first three parts (which I think is as far as it ran) of the comic adaptation of The Book Of The New Sun. I thought that had probably been binned more than a decade ago, so it's stunningly good news.

This is probably the only time you'll find me being quite this enthusiastic about comics.
They're not very exciting. MERP, Ringworld, Runequest 2, Thieves' World . . . that sort of thing.
I used to play a lot of MERP. It was a good laugh.

If you want to get me onto a rôleplaying hobbyhorse, mention the dread phrase "D20 system". Or, prepherably, don't.
Roleplaying games, then? Would have been interested in Runequest, but looks like you already got interest there.

MERP? I used to play that, a long, long time ago. Bit of a laugh... ;-)
Caught this entry on friendsfriends - my partner aitkendrum is starting up a Thieves World game and I'm not sure what he already has or needs - if you haven't already gotten rid of it, could you let me know and I'll pass that info on to him? Cheers!
I'd be *very* interested in Runequest, and only slightly-less-than-very interested in Ringworld...
Did you lend me a Jesus Loves Amerika CD? I definitely have to give you a couple of others back - thanks! and sorry about the delay.
I doubt the JLA cd is mine- I'm sure my copy is lying around in a pile here somewhere, and since I've never listened to it, I'm sure I woudn't have leant it to you...
If old games don't get homes, I would use them but it would be just another excuse not to face the world!
I don't suppose you have "Lemmings; Tribes" I am always on the look out for that