The falling woman in dancing costume.

Isn't Dress great?

I'm listening to it a lot at the moment, partly because I heard it out recently and realised I'd forgotten how good it is, and partly because the new Rough Trade compilation has the demo version in between 1952 Vincent Black Lightning and I Want You. So it's those three plus the version from Dry on repeat, then.

I finished the Sterling yesterday, finally, and read the new Brookmyre. I don't remember the last time I read an entire novel for the first time in a day. Maybe my efforts to read more are working. Not very violent, is it? And given that they finished 5th year in 1985, they're all the same age I am. Scary. I hadn't thought about a lot of things in quite a while. Section Six of the science course, for example. Or all the Scots words (I understand Scots, but I don't speak it), including Keich, which is what my friend Keith used to get called in frivolous moments. He didn't mind at all, of course. I also found out yesterday that some poor soul has written an SF novel called "The Voyage of the Sable Keech". I can't see that one selling well in Scotland. Shelve it next to Vance's "Servants of the Wankh"?

Next is probably But n Ben A-Go-Go, which is entirely in Scots and will probably be accompanied by Mitch Benn's global warming song.

Errr . . . I had a strange run-in with a friend's neighbour last week. I was round at Mark's, barbieing a couple of veggieburgers, when he came round and demanded that the fire be put out on the grounds that you can't possibly have a fire in a house's garden because it'll set fire to theawhole neighbourhood. MArk pointed out that it was a very small fire and there were two of us watching it, it was in a pit with bricks, there was a shovel and earth to smother it with, and so on, but the neighbour wasn't having any of it and called the fire brigade. When they arrived a few minutes later it had burned down slightly and they started laughing openly at the idea that it was a hazard. Before that, on the Saturday, I went to see Sir Robert Mould at the Liquid Room, suuported by a gentle and interesting songwriter under the name AM. The Bob humself had a pair of guitars, moving onto the electrified one halfway. There was a good mix of songs, starting with Wishing Well and going through stuff I knew from his solo albums, stuff I didn't know that's presuambly from the ones I don't have, and old stuff by Sugar and Dü Hüskers. We got (IIRC) an acoustic Hardly Getting Over It, Favourite Thing, and Hoover Dam and electric Chartered Trips, The Act We Act and Do You Remember, before finishing with makes No Sense At All and If I Can't Change Your Mind. I was sorry to miss him early in the year - maybe he'll be back with the band soon. He said he likes playing Scotland.

Tommy's burying himself, I see. He seems very sure of himself for a man who doesn't seem to have a leg to stand on.
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That's a superb example of photos chosen to maximise how stupid the subjkect looks...
Me or Tommy?

He's not as orange as he used to be, actually. He was always relentless in his support of the Scottish sunbed industry, but with recent events he doesn't seem to have had as much time for them.
I have the vinyl version of Dry with the bonus disc of the demos for the whole album. It is incredible stuff. And for all the great stuff since, it is still unmatched.
Yes. Excellent stuff. I must start haunting secondhand record shops again.

I was gazing at the tabloids today in our local Petrol Emporium (potential lyric#9)and its all Sheridan a gogo. Every single one drooling over the sleaze. Here's my take. Is this moral righteousness, voyeurism or payback time? If its the latter, who are the vested interests who want to see him ruined for this kind of coverage to take place? Is he THAT important?

Given the Tory campaign helmed by former Carlton PR man David Cameron against the MacMafia around Gordon Brown and Scottish MP's UK voting rights, theres definitely a sniff of some clever constitutional pre-transition tactics.

I believe in his day he projected a focus for disgruntled socialism. Unfortunately he seems to be merely a projection now.
It's moral righteousmess. Hypocritical moral self-righteousness. It doesn't actually relate to policy or how he does the job. It'll sell papers, though.

Why on earth he decided to sue I have no idea. It should have been obvious to him that he's the only one who's going to lose by it. If he'd said nothing it would have been forgotten in a few weeks.
If Sheridan's private life is seriously at odds with his public pronouncements, there is an issue of hypocrisy. (I've no idea if that's the case since I know little of his public pronouncements and less of his private life).

Of itself, I really couldn't care less who he has sex with.
If Sheridan's private life is seriously at odds with his public
pronouncements, there is an issue of hypocrisy.

I'm not aware of any clash between his policy positions and anything laid out here. He claims to be happily married . . . but everybody does that, whether or not they are, and we don't expect them to get fired from their jobs for it.
I'm happily married - but I have sex with other men sometimes. I also go to fetish clubs....suppose I'd better never stick my head above the parapet of public life then...
The implication is that his wife didn't know, which if true is a bit different. It doesn't really make it the NotW's business, though. They find being intrusive busybodies very profitable.
If he was a pulpit-bashing sex-negative campaigner singing the "True Love Waits" song, it would be relevant, but AFAIK he's pretty much on the side of light about this sort of thing. His true preferences may be at odds with his stated preferences, but I don't believe they're at odds with his stated moral position.
I always heard it as "A fallen woman in dancing costume." Which changes the meaning slightly.
Yes. I listened closely and it sounded like falling to me. Lyric sites seem to agree. Harvey's own site, though, says fallen. Oh well.
Ah, lyrics sites. Helpful, but notoriously mince. As soon as anything sounds a bit ambiguous they throw up any old shite. And then they all copy it from each other, so the shite propagates.

For a fine example, take a look a The Clash's 'This is England'. There are some lines in that that I've never been able to make out, and the approximations provided by the sites are just... stupid.

I think I have a draft post about that somewhere. I must get round to finishing it, but I think I wanted to get closer to the definitive lyrics first.
Actually, listening again, it does sound like fallen on Dry - but I still think it sounds like falling on the demo.

Confucius he say - man with one watch always know the time. Man with two watches never sure.
and Orbital sampled -- even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.

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hmm, yeah if the naybor simply didn't want your 'fire' then he should have just said so, and perhaps simply asked that you put it out cos it was hassling him. I hope the fire brigade people also spoke to him for wasting their time. ... unless they were bored of course, and needed a wee trip out.
Indeed. From the sound of it he's just bored and finds busybodying relieves the tedium. He should take up a hobby.