Matters of very little interest.

Marking time before a more substantive post, can I remark that Gogol Bordello and the Dresden Dolls are both on Later with Jools Holland on Friday?

I'd also like to ask why nobody told me that Bob Mould will be playing Edinburgh at the end of next week. Excuses, everyone?

There's a Replacements best-of out. I know this because it's talked up in The Skinny, which also has an article about why we should like Sonic Youth (but little about the irritations associated) and a right good kicking given to James Lovelock's new book - "It is good science that will save us now, not this modern Jermiad of hopelessness and gloom." They also recommend a single called "The heart is a useless ally". Good name. It's by Kelman - anyone any idea what it'll be like?
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I've never heard any music...

Maybe that's because they only play Sonic Youth records?

Actually, that's unfair. Every Sonic Youth record I've heard has music (and usually very good music) in between the blasts of feedback.
Ooo, thank you for the reminder! I read something about the Dolls on Jools Holland and promptly forgot!

As for the Bob Mould thing; it's a conspiracy.
I need to find someone who can tape Later for me. I hope to be back from the pool by then but with LRT buses it might be next week. Did Mark tell you about the Liquid Room gig? His flatmates say there's meant to be one in August but neither of us can find out anything about it.

Will you be at the cult lunch tomorrow?
argh failed to pick up the cat.
is tomorrow at about 7:30 okay for you