Mainly music. FAO Duranorak, especially.

An unexpected (but pleasant) surprise was that the wedding seemed to be An Event. Our landlady asked me when I arrived if I was there for the whisky convention, and when I said no she then asked "Oh, are you here for the wedding?" Very nice.

micheinnz just pointed out something that I guess you'vve all known about for ages and are really bored with - a page of links to 80s vids on Youtube. Some of them, inevitably, are dreadful (check out the black and white minstrels in the Culture Club video - pretty crass even at the time, as I recall), but there are some real gems - zoo_music_girl might wish to look under "Birthday" or "Christian", and there are some things I had no idea had videos - Dali's car, anyone?

Of course, I don't really need to add that The Hoffmeister is also represented, do I?
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spodieodie's comment on the audience is a corker

Fantastic. Further proof that Jim Thirlwell was, and still is, ahead of his time.
Did you get a load of that audience? They looked like they were watching an abortion.

I didn't but I am very impressed by some of the tracks hiding in here