The He-Brides are, of course, fantastic. If you're very unlucky I'll drone on about it for ages later. Glen is safely hitched, so you can all breathe an astonished sigh of relief.

In my absence, my comment on Trabeca has been discovered by one of their more zealous fans, who decided to tell me that if I don't see the point then I should "get a life". I agree, incidentally, but not for the same reasons. I am also, apparently, "a cunt", but that was a while later so perhaps I only became cuntish sometime during the week.

He was kind enough to leave me his IP number, so I know which ISP to complain to if I want to. And which town my new friend lives in.
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... and I want to hear about Glen's wedding dress... :-)
I thought you were very kind to Trabeca with your comments. I would've said they were pure shite.

I'm glad you had a good time away and I hope Mark isn't taking up too much of your time with new music. You must listen to the new Pet Shop Boys album. "The Sodom And Gomorrah Show" is wonderful.