Gold. Or, the Devil.

I just saw six magpies.
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Re: ?
One for sorrow,
two for joy.
Three for a girl
and four for a boy.
Five for silver,
six for gold,
and seven for a secret never to be told.

According to valkyriekaren, there's another version where the last three are heaven, hell and the devil. You'll notice that I messed up the counting on that.
Re: ?
one for sorrow
two for mirth
three for a wedding
four for a birth
five is heaven
six is hell
seven's the devil his ane sel'
Re: ?
With the rhyme on those last 2 lines, that sounds distinctly Scottish. We had a thread about that a few months back, iirc.
Re: ?
I believe it is Scottish, or at least Northern. It's one of the variants I heard when I was young, the more usual being the 'one for sorrow, two for joy' one which was of course the theme song to the TV show 'Magpie'.
I've been told there are versions of the rhyme which go up to about 20-something, but I've never heard them.
The Devil
> I'm told he's got some pretty good tunes

Yup, and he's off down to Georgia to air some of them out. He was muttering something about having a soul to steal.