You were down in my phone with that spelling for about a month, actually.

Possibly like the way people keep calling Craig "Chris"?

And, um - Squee! That is so cool!

Sorry. I'm easily amused ;P

I'd quibble.

Then again, so long as it's spelt right on your CV I'm sure you'll be ok. :)

Congratulations, by the way.
Let me guess - they put "Sots", or maybe even "Tsozz" (when "Zotz" is so easy to spell)

Seriously, quibble or it won't show up on paper searches necessarily. Or just change your name by deed poll
My email signature reads:
"Jo Sharp without an E
PhD candidate, HREM group, Materials Science, University of Cambridge
Wolfson College, formerly Newnham College"

Since I changed it to this, people have stopped getting it wrong on important pieces of paper.
Mmm. They never see mine any more, though. And they always got it right while I worked there.
Still... good paper to have your name on.

(Why is it alphabetical up to Wu and then random authors?)
Not bad. I think that's the last I'll get out of that. Maybe I should try to find a decent job now.

Up to Wu are the names of people directly involved in this paper. The others are more policy and organisational - Mark Vaudin used to be head of human sequencing at the Sanger (which I think is still Stephan Beck's job currently), John Sulston was the director, and so on. The first few names - before the big alphabetical block - are the team leaders.

That's how most of the papers from the Project are dredited, except for one that simply has "The International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium" credited.

Walter Sobchak was John Goodman's character in The Big Lebowski. In the making-of documentary, he said various things, including that Sobchak's a bit boorish ("Can't imagine why they wanted me to play him . . .") and that while there's no sign of employment, Sobchak definitely has a full-time job - reminding people that he used to be in the army. Consequently, any post with a significant element of reminding people that I used to do something interesting for a living gets tagged "Sobchak".
my sister got the dreaded double barrelling of her middle name and surname at a course recently, and they decied she was from England, as she had put Brittish...suffice to say she wasn't impressed, being Scottish!

Congrats. And I see you've answered my employment question in there also. :)

We're thinking of going to Wickerman festival rather than Cropredy this summer. Have you been?

I haven't been to Wickerman, although it's been suggested. I don't know if I'll get asked to work Cropredy this year. If so, I could conceivably do both.
I've given up with the quibbling, but then again I haven't published recently.