"dpkg-reconfigure locales" is your friend.

It has been brought to my attention by nickys and original_aj that, inexplicably, not everyone has read the scintillating reviews of "Looking For: The very best of David Hasselhoff", which can be found here and also at greater length here.

I'm just back from the post-Beltane beach party. It was exactly what you'd expect from a drunken party on a beach in the middle of nowhere with fire, drums and the red men in attendance . . .
It's a great album. The track 'Hot Shot City' is particularly good. I refer you to my last set-list.
Red men in attendance?
We are the Red Men tall and straight
With our fethers and war paint
Pow wow. Pow wow.
We're the men of the old dun cow.
All of us are Red Men
Feathers in our head men
Down among the dead men
Pow wow.

Those Red Men?