Combination shoe-horn and backscratcher.

Ed has one of these. This probably tells you something important about his sense of humour.

This week I've gotten back from London with a tightly-packed load of Kate's stuff and taken it over to my folks' place in Ayr, come back, picked up the last of Ed's stuff and brought it in, and helped decomposingsoul to move. So that's three house moves I've helped with this week. Tomorrow, a picnic on the beach. According to the Beeb, it's not likely to rain much.

I've seen Keith, too. It's been a couple of years and I was starting to worry.

I've also been listening to some of Auntie Clara's old recordings. Quite a voice. Family history's such an interesting thing, don't you think?
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"Keith the Mystic" Keith? If so, how is he?
I had, yes. I was interested by the claim that it's illegal to melt down coins, as there are people who trade on stamping them into little souvenirs - but it turns out that there is indeed a specific law against melting down or breaking up recent coinage (Section 10 of the 1971 Coinage Act).
Thankyou very much for helping me move. As I said on my journal, you are now officially a saint. I will be taking you out for dinner this week. Will phone you tomorrow afternoon at some point.