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We announced completion of the Project three years ago today. It seems much longer. Within a week the turnover of flatmates had convinced me to quit and move back here. I gave my notice in the same day.

The bathroom's not finished, and it turns out that the usual rule about workmen never being available (even for an emergency) outside the usual hours doesn't apply when you'd like it to - the tiler's only available on Sunday, which totally hoses my plan to spend the weekend in Glasgow seeing people at Eastercon. I'll go over tomorrow and after he's finished on Sunday - and maybe stay until Monday depending on what people are doing.

Today I've been rebuilding Zachariah, as some sort of event on Tuesday hosed the power supply and two rather nice hard drives. I have a third with nothing important on it, so in principle I could try swapping the logic boards to do some data recovery. Even partially dismantling a hard drive, of course, is not a job for the nervous, so . . . how bold am I feeling?

Beltane's going well. There was a walkthrough on Tuesday with all the cueing, and Amy insisted that Fred and I produce a coal on the monument in some pretty fierce wind. Amazingly, we managed it, although we then managed to allow it to blow away. Ho hum.
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