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Last night I watched a documentary about Johnny Cash. Actually, I'd seen it before, but I still watched it to the end. The prison gigs were amazing, and seeing his daughter talking about what she and the rest of his family thought of the Hurt video was gripping too.

I'd forgotten that at some points the incidental music is actually Mazzy Star. I checked a certain website today and found that a French singer-songwriter called Charlotte Marionneau has an album out featuring Sandoval and Robacs, and also Kevin Shields and Colm O'Ciosoig. It's under the name Le Volume Courbe - anyone heard it?

I had dinner with Kate and James and me mum and dad on Saturday, and then went to the Halfway House, which is very nice. I asked my sister about the LLLLLLRB, or whatever it's called. "It'll be amended." How far, though?

On Sunday my mum dropped round to see how the bathroom's doing, and wave me some pictures of a place she's thinking of renting for a week on Skye sometime. She waved the picture at my dad because it was in Totescore, and he said "That's my granny's house." It's all mod cons now, but he stayed for months on end when the water came from the stream, and the toilet was "anywhere between here and the sea". Marion died at 103 about three days after my 5th birthday. I don't remember ever meeting her. I met her other daughter, my auntie Janet, when I went up with my dad to take my gran up for the summer a couple of times in the mid to late eighties. After Janet died it was sold. My dad reckons his family have been around there for four or five hundred years.

I know when Glen's wedding is, now - last night I was discussing with people how appropriate it is that it'll be in a distillery - so I know I get to visit Islay soon. Campbelltown, too, most likely, which will be interesting.

During Sunday there was the tech walkthrough on the hill, which involved demonstrating our (hah!) mastery of firemaking skills for gav, so he knows we can actually do it. I was, of course, bricking it because I was sure wasn't prepared, but Amy stuck around (a star, as usual) and after a slight false start we got a blaze going very quickly. People seemed impressed. More practice follows. It was interesting to do it up on the monument in the wind. I'd already been up there for three hours as sunshine turned to cloud to snow and back to sunshine. It was good to get home to the warmth - after picking up 160 pounds of scrap cotton, of course. No rest for the slightly inept.

This new "location" thing's quite nice, isn't it? I wonder if anyone will find it useful?
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I asked my sister about the LLLLLLRB, or whatever it's called. "It'll be amended." How far, though?

Dare I ask how she plans to vote on that?
She didn't say, but she's voted the right way on all the really contentious ones so far. It probably depends how far it's altered, though, which would make it hard for even her to say at this point.
The location thing should be fun when I'm travelling again. I've decided to come back over for fests this year cos CFF line-up is so good and i'm not constrained by work. so may see ya at Croppers.

You make me want to go to Beltane too. but that's too early for me. all the best for that anyway.

My mp3 player brought up the NIN version today for the first time since I saw that documentary...I'm sure Reznor didn't used to sound that whiney...