The phone's out again.

I can't get at the connections at the moment, so it'll stay out for a while. Conceivably until this evening.

Incidentally, can I point out that even at the best of times leaving a message on the BT answer thing is a very bad way to get through to me? I don't pick up the phone often, so there's no guarantee I'll get it soon, or even necessarily at all.
Tea sounds good. The computer's still fine. I think it's that the higher-frequency ADSL signal isn't as bothered by bad connections.
Will you be making an appearence at portie tonight?

I am headin down just before 7 if you fancy a lift. Should be home just after 6.

Hopefully catch up soon.
took me 8 months to notice that my landline had an answering service.

by that time there were 89 stored messages, most of which were my ex-wife wailing at me ;)
That's precisely why I don't have the Telewest version of the answering thing. At least if people can't leave a message, they don't think I've got it!
It sounds to me like you need a junction box to join the severed ends together, and possibly new wires.