Janie's wedding.

I went to an old friend's wedding reception last night, and very fine it was too. Jane looked great, and seemed very happy. It was lovely to see other people too, particularly those up from Doon Sooth - Tony and Kate, and Simon T (who seemed well and cheery considering). Hopfully I'll see all three of them again before too long.

I loitered for several hours over a couple of nice malts, chatting and admiring the ceiling. I can't overemphasise the ceiling. Jane had apparently chosen on the venue - ÒranMór, a converted church on the corner of Byres Road and Great Western Road, and she has excellent taste. If you haven't been upstairs there, then I suggest you make it one of your life goals. It's absolutely wonderful. And why? Well, if you go to the website, you'll see a brief mention of "Alasdair Gray's ceiling mural" with only a couple of tiny pictures. This is absolutely worthless - for a better impression, try here. Allegedly Scotland's biggest piece of public art, it is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.

We were discussing the least appropriate songs for a wedding, after the intro to Take Me Out left me wondering if anyone ever plays Love Will Tear Us Apart at these things. Tony told us of a wedding disco that started with Only The Lonely and continued with Where Did Our Love Go . . . and a bit later The One I Love actually was played. I considered asking for It's Your Money I'm After Baby, but bottled out despite much encouragement.

What do you lot think? Any more good/bad wedding songs? And it's a lovely ceiling, isn't it? Unsurprisingly, yes Gray is a big fan of Blake.
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And "White wedding", although it gets played often anyway. There's an interesting version by Rowland Howard.
'Tainted Love' probably gets played at more weddings than it should...

'Blood Wedding' is a more suitable wedding song, I'm told.
I recall hijacking the stereo at brisingamen and peake's wedding to play REM, their favourite band. I chose 'It's The End Of The World As We Know It' to launch things.

And at my cousin's wedding we got the DJ to play 'I wanna Be Sedated' and 'Kiss Off'.
Um was that the Jane that was marrying Phil raines? i know Phil, not her. if so, what a small world we live in..

And that was Swisstone and Childeric? Cor.
That was the wedding, yes. I didn't know he was a friend of yours.

Simon T was Simon Tett, not Trafford. That would have been nice too, though.
For Wee Johnny & Di's wedding reception (very low-key: it was in the back of The Southsider) I made a mix tape which included 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'. And Billy Bragg's 'The Marriage', of course.
I loved the venue in general, and I am obviously very odd, but I didn't like the ceiling much. The rainbows were disturbingly lurid.

It was lovely to see you too :)
Oh I can think of one where I might like to have requested that Beautiful South song: "Don't Marry her, Fuck Me".
Fabulous Ceiling. Will definitely make it a life goal to see it for real.

'I'm not in love (I'm just gonna fuck you til someone better comes along)' by Marilyn Manson.
I'm having a civil wedding at Cambridge Register Office in a few weeks time - the music to be played whilst signing the register? I shit you not, we've chosen a song by My Dying Bride.
Awesome ceiling indeed.
I got a txt and best wishes from the Cambridge crew to say they were having a good time there on Sat. Such a small world indeed. I would have loved to be there if I could've. Thankyou for sharing this and reminding me.
As someone who attends 30-ish weddings a year in a professional capacity, the variety of evening musical entertainment never fails to amuse me. Think 'Almost Angelic' from the Karen Dunbar show.

Last year's best idea has to go to the couple who hired a wurlitzer jukebox and let their guests choose the music. The worst was a bizarre DJ who brought along an electric guitar and played along with music - loudly and badly, i might add.

A few nominations for the most inappropriate wedding song :

London lady by the Stranglers
Loving you made a fool out of me - Kid Creole & The Coconuts
Smack my bitch up by the Prodigy.