was that not just their database upgrading sessions over the weekend? friend status or maintenance or whatever to keep you posted. Should be ok now though.
I've no idea, don't have a gmail account. I've just sent you an email, BTW (in case you need to check whether it is dropping mail).
Cheers, yes. I have Gmail invites, so if you ever decide you want one . . .
I may take you up on that. I had a gmail address before, but it mysteriously stopped working.
I was having issues with the pop mail yesterday evening.
Nope. It did refuse to load the page at one point yesterday but other than that it's been fine for me.
Nope, although I've seen a few "script failed - keep trying?" kind of messages lately.
I've got an ongoing Gmail problem that I figure is to do with the setup here at work -- it keeps giving me a 'cache full' message and asking me to fix it, but I've followed the instructions here several times to no avail. I do get email and it does load the page, but after a bit it starts giving messages about the page including secure and unsecure items, and do I want to display unsecure items. And then it blocks the refresh of other browser windows I have open, and I have to close them all down. So I've taken to having Gmail open only intermittently, which is a nuisance.

Have you tried hitting the refresh button once it's given you a blank page?
I did. It was compulsively reloading the page, so I stopped it and restarted. Didn't help. Trashing the cookies might have been what sorted it. I'm not really sure.

it does much the same thing to me at work constantly, not sure what the problem is, but at work i use IE and XP, not sure about versions, mind. Didn't see any particular problems yesterday, though.