Edinburgh looks fantastic in the snow. The sun's out, shining brightly between small clouds in a pale blue sky. There's a fresh breeze. Arthur's Seat is imposingly dappled white over the black of its bare stone. Even the accursed Classic FM in the corner shop is playing the sleigh ride from the Lieutenant Kije suite.

Sometimes it's just too much effort not to smile. It's good to be alive.
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Ahh, what a shiny and uplifting post :) I can imagine (inaccurate at best) how it must look. Thanks for sharing! All Cambridge could manage was a lot of frost, which does look lovely, but not so great next to real snow.. ah well.
Yeah, Edinburgh's pretty in the snow - I remember seeing that, 2 or 3 times in the years I lived there. Even have photgraphic evidence. Don't think I ever saw the snow/sun combo, though.
It is indeed good to be alive... for the past two or three years I've been trying to identify a piece of music.

I didn't have much to go on. I hummed it to various people and they just gave me blank expressions. I told them it was about some sort of soldier who didn't really exist and it's a sort of Russian folk-tale but nobody knew what I was talking about.

Lieutenant Kiji!!! That was it! Thanks, you have answered one of the fundamental questions of existance. Now all I need to know is why no-one pays me as much as I need and where all my socks go and then I can retire my curious brain for good!
Glad to be of service. Prokofiev. I have a Deutsche Grammophon LP with Romeo & Juliet on the other side.
I love Troika. We played it at a concert once when I was still at school. I liked being first flute. I used to get all the best melody lines.
Life ain't too bad. Could be better. Mum could've decided to stay in New Zealand. Oh well, can't have everything.
Sometimes it's just too much effort not to smile. It's good to be alive.

I now get that feeling when I listen to the full version of Vagabonds. As soon as the Justin yells this huge big grin appears across my face. It's funny how many people will smile back when you're on a bus.