Big soft heavy flakes tumbling out of the sky, blocking the view and coating everything in white. There's a thick layer on the road, the cars, the trees and the roofs. And I don't have to be outside in it. Marvellous.
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Even snow can't make it good nice. It looks like a concentration camp or soviet era interogation compound!

It strangely reminds me of the LRC building on George IV Bridge and Royal Mile - yes, the one they are now finally thinking of getting rid of cos it's still ugly after 20+ years.

How could they have built such an ugly, unimaginative, difficult to maintain, over priced building for a national parliament! A national disgrace indeed. I hope I never really see it in the flesh. I can't believe it's just not photogenic ;)
Re: parliament
I rather like it. It was no more over budget than Westminster, and came in closer to schedule.
Re: parliament
I rather like the parliament building too. The debating chamber is lovely and all the little MP office windows look like boats on the side of a ship.
Anyone who thought we'd get a parliament for £50 million (I believe the original touted cost was) was living in never-neverland.
Re: parliament
The 50 million wasn't meant to be the total cost anyway, as it didn't cover things like buying the site.
Re: parliament
I know nothing about architecture, building etc. but even I could tell that £50 million was ludicrously low.
Re: parliament
Yes, lil ol' Scotland really needed to spend more than 50million on a building. I just really wish they'd designed something that was suitable for the Scottish climate and thus required minimal maintenance. I mean, did humans just start building buildings last generation or have we just failed to understand the basics and like re-inventing the wheel? All those lovely solid victorian tenements are probably better suited and require less maintenance than the parliament building.

Thankfully Edinburgh quarries were able to supply better wearing stone than the red sandstone of the Glasgow tenements.

But, I digress. As usual!
Re: parliament
It is build to withstand the Scottish Climate. It's clad in granite.

And why not for once throw off the scottish cringe and spend more than £50million on the first scottish parliament for over 200 years?

I am getting snippy so I will stop now.
It's snowing,it's snowing,it's snowing! *bounce,bounce,bounce*.
Ahem. Always revert to 5 years old whenever it snows.
I wish it were snowing here. It sounds beautiful. I love snow - it snowed for about two minutes yesterday and this year has not even half filled it's quota for snow! I demand more!

Don't suppose you could send a snow cloud down south, could you?
We'll have a national snow grid when we have a national sunshine grid, and not before.
Lucky you! I have to venture out to hunt down my DoS today. It's at times like these when I wished I owned a coat that doesn't go down to the floor! Groan!
And I don't have to be outside in it. Marvellous.

That's the thing - I've noticed that all the people who think snow is just wonderful are people who don't have to go out and get to work in it.