Anyone want a cat?

I haven't mentioned this for a while, so it's time I asked again.

Although the cat is pretty much miraculous - she has the face of Jesus, or Jim Morrison, or someone, in her right ear - she doesn't really feature in my longterm plans and fundamentally just isn't my cat. She's Sara's cat, staying here because Sara is unfortunately not able to go on keeping her. She's no trouble. She's affectionate, doesn't shred the furniture, doesn't bring dead wildlife in more than a couple of times a year and doesn't piss on the couch unless her idiot keeper manages to lock the catflap at a point when there's no litter tray out. And she's got really soft fur. In short, as cats go she's a really good one.

Anyone want a cat?

She does like going outside, though. I don't think she'd be happy as a housecat. And no, I don't know what her name is. She hasn't told me. As Martin Blank said, "I respect its privacy."
Thank you - although one of those isn't, technically speaking, a cat. Maybe it could be an odd-one-out test for prospective owners?
The page *is* titled *mostly* the cat. But yes, if they can't tell the difference they shouldn't have a cat. (Or a Graham, indeed.)
in that case could i take the rather good looking 'cat' by the kitchen bench please.
ahem!, i shall run it past gamer, as i do want to get a cat when buy somewhere, if you wouldn't mind hanging on to wombat for few more months
She's a lovely cat :). I'm her owner. I'm tragically allergic to her now, though, so Graham's kindly adopted her temporarily. I have all her records and stuff, and can answer any questions you've got about her history etc. One thing is that she doesn't like sharing a house with other cats. She's left her first owner permanently when he acquired another one. Other than that,s he's an utter angel - very fluffy, very self-sufficient, and very affectionate.
:( That's been the obstacle the whole way through.. people like her, but usually already have a cat :(
Well, she's not had friendly dogs around generally, as far as I know, so probably not too well.
Well, she was great friends with a dog in her first home. She's scared of dogs now, but she liked him.
Hmmm...bother. We're interested but we have the Rubble.

Would it be posible for them to meet to see if they get on. He's good around cats so it might work.
I would agree to that, if I was there to hold her!

As I mentioned to Graham, she was good friends with a dog when she was smaller.
I must say, I feel hopeful. :)

Her first home has a giant dog, and although she moved out of that home voluntarily in a huff when they acquired some more cats, whenever she saw her old giant dog friend on the street she would HURTLE up to him like a little furry bullet. It was very sweet.
Rubbles a pack omega anyway, so he's not a problem. When would be good for you to be there to protect your feline from out huge ball of idiotic fur?
*Bounce!* How about this coming Sunday afternoon/evening? Weekday evenings are my main working time, but this Sunday could work....
Excellent! I'll email G and ask when he would like me to amble around. It would be dead helpful if I could plan a time roughly in advance.

She's adorable! But I don't think she want to travel this far, and I keep telling Jason he can't have one.
I'd take her but there's the allergy problem and she'd have to be an indoor cat. That's the problem with flats. I really hope you find her a good home. Good luck.
My allergies are the ghastly reason I had to lose her :(. She's a wonderful cat. But allergies are ghastly, esp respiratory ones. DO you have those too?

I have asthma and wheeze a lot around small furry creatures. I also come out in a nasty rash if I don't wash my hands immediately after petting them. If I had a cat in my flat the dander everywhere would make me really ill. I can tolerate visiting people with pets if I have my inhaler and wash my hands and face after touching them. My eyes get itchy and watery after petting them too.
Did you have a cat when you found that out? It totally broke my heart. I've researched various allergy remedies but none seem to work.
I found out a few months after we got our first rabbit. I was 12 at the time. I refused to let my Mum give him away and put up with the allergies for the life of the rabbit, his mate and their children. I find Piriton quite effective once you get used to the drowsiness. I don't get the side-effects at all now. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the rest of the medication I'm currently on. That's life.
I find Piriton quite effective once you get used to the drowsiness. I don't get the side-effects at all now.

Alas, piriton was hopeless for me. The only thing that helped were the cortisol injection things. All utterly grim. :(
I still think you should sell her on eBay. Either someone will buy because they're impressed with the picture in her ear, or a cat-lover will bid higher in order to prevent the cat going to a sadist who wants to cut her ear off!